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Friday, 11 June 2010

Westfield Exclusive Ellies ...

I made the effort on Wednesday evening to go to Westfield Shopping Centre at Shepherd's Bush to see the four elephants there.  The initial push was to see the elephants, but it is also a positive thing to know how far the centre is from me and what shops are there.  It is a HUGE complex and was well worth going.  There are plush leather seats EVERYWHERE and it does have very luxurious surroundings on a grand scale.

#172 - Luna - Artists M McCann, J Scott & N Colyer - This elephant definitely seems like a boy to me - black and sophisticated, twinkling with loads of different lights all over him.  Very fitting for this particular upmarket surrounding. 

This elephant consists of hundreds of fibre optic lights.  Artists Inspiration: "We wanted to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant in a unique & striking way." Luna was sponsored by 9web.

#56 - love ellie - no doubting the gender of this particular elephant!  Most definitely a girl, unless you can have an elephant in drag! Artist is Andrew Logan.  You should see the bling and the twinkly toenails! 

I was taking photos inside the shopping centre - especially of this amazing ceiling - when a security guard approached me, and asked me very definitely to stop!  Wow - the world's gone mad. 

Very very space age - beautiful, futuristic and quite blancmange like in this photo, I think! 

Back downstairs, and near the children's playcentre, is elephant #97 - Saffron.  Poor thing!  It is very closely encaged - I don't understand why. Children are crawling all over the elephants in the parks around London - but here the barrier is up for reasons unknown.  Artist Ellen Stewart.  The Elephant is the cheese, and there are mice all over Saffron!  So cute, and what a clever design. 

#224 - Eli - Artist Sandra Sashou.  Eli has been decorated with newspaper articles about elephants.  There are also paint streaks, and then it has been varnished over the top.  Eli is sitting at the food court on the first floor gallery.  The scale of this place is quite astonishing. 

I don't know what this shop is, or what it was selling, but I love the artwork ...

Today after work, I shot quite a few ellies in the city.  Will upload over the weekend .... a great, but very tiring way of seeing London!


  1. Awww love Saffron.

    Yes gone mad totally Ali - my niece got into trouble the other week for taking a photo of her cousin in the foyer of the cinema.

  2. All lovely ellies! Saffron is so cute, love the little mice!

    The shopping centre does look posh, The Trafford Centre by us is also beautiful but we don't go there to often! The world has definitely gone mad, I have been told off for taking photos in a shopping centre a couple of times, including when my kids went to their first movie! I don't even take pictures at parks anymore if they are busy....They also have to have permission from all the parents at the kids school plays and if anyone says no then nobody can take pics! All of this because there are some sick people out there, it is so sad!

    Thanks for sharing some more ellies with us! :)

  3. looks like a cool shopping centre

  4. Fab pics and great artwork too:-D shame about the guard tho xx