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Thursday, 10 June 2010

No More of More London after this ...

Here are the last of the elephants seen on Monday lunchtime at More London ...

#100 - Carry on up the Kyber - landscape.  I didn't really recognise any of the characters on the elephant, but then I have never been a Carry On afficionado ...

Here's a lovely view of London, behind "Simply Gold" - no 9.  Great imagination of the artist Laura Porter in this one, don't you think?  You can see part of the HMS Belfast on the left, and then "The Gherkin", an office block in the City at St Mary Axe which was opened in 2004 and caused a deal of controversy. 

Here's one decorated by actual kids - L Christie & K Woolley, De Beauvoir Primary School.  #141 - titled Kids Co Elephant. 
Here's a close-up:  elephants on an elephant so literal.  :lol:

This one is called "No More Plundering" - #176.  Artist Milo Tchais - sponsor Joanna Lumley.  I wonder if she chose the name - it would seem very appropriate.  I love the colours and the design - very new age.  Artist's Inspiration: "The relations present within nature's elements and beings. Symmetry and balance which one has to relate to consciously, as part of it and not acquisitively."

This elephant was kindly sponsored by Joanna Lumley.


Here's a very beautiful elephant - called Cha-Chang.  #28 - Artist Turdsak Piromkraipak.  I think most of these artists must be Sri Lankan - they seem to have the world's longest names, for sure! 

Love the fact that she is wearing a designer elephant logo on her back left leg - like a fancy pair of jeans, really!  Very fashion conscious, darling! #122, Roselephant below, is bright and funky in her psychedelic pink garb. 

#12 - weirdly titled Polka Dot - and #40 - Simply Yellow.  Stating the obvious - no, that's not the name of an elephant ....
#47 - Tea Roses, by Narongrit Asokwatana.  A very pretty, feminine girly ellie. 

Here's Hornbill - #116, by Helen Cowcher. 

And finally - another little vignette from the delightful Cloudia - underneath the shadows of Tower Bridge.  Isn't she lovely? 

Interested to read more from the Worldwide Federation? Go here  After all that, I need to go lie down in a darkened room ...


  1. I found you, I like the orange elephant the best but they are all great you have to do a layout of these.

  2. More fabulous pics! Can't wait to see the layout you do of all these brill pics


  3. Thank you for bringing us these, they are an absolute joy to see. Thanks for the link too; I feel the need to purchase my own little elephant.