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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Retail Elephaphy....

Hard to think of good post titles, I find! 

Continuing on with last Sunday's trek, where I walked from Paddington to Bayswater, and onto Holland Park.  I then gave my poor feet a rest by hopping on the tube to Marble Arch and thence onto Oxford Street.

Here's #162, Gajaraj - who was created by HH Maharaja Ranjitsinh Gaekwad of Baroda.  Artist's Inspiration: "The trees depict the dead environment. The floating kites & birds show the topsy turvy life, due the ecological imbalance. The silver dots represent clean air, and the yellow balls are just decorative shapes that highlight the leafless trees." Oh - that's so sad!  His official location was Old Quebec Street. 

Here's an excerpt from an article from the WWF website:

Why The Elephant Parade matters

It was estimated in 2003 that there are only between 41,000 and 52,000 elephants roaming wild in the tropical forests of Asia. Accurate elephant figures are notoriously hard to gauge, because of the dense vegetation, difficult terrain and the fact that herds often move over large distances. But it’s clear the overall trend is still downwards.

One of the biggest threats to the elephants is conflict with people. This has increased mostly through loss of habitat – because of logging, agriculture, industry and human settlement. Elephants try to follow their traditional migration corridors, or to find food, but they might encounter roads, fields and villages in the way. This can lead to conflict with local people, which could be fatal for both sides.

Funds raised by Elephant Parade will go towards working with local people and governments to help secure more land that can be used as corridors by the elephants.

From thence into Selfridges.  This is a massive place. 

Sadly, I missed a couple of elephants in here.  Firstly, because of the size of the building, and secondly - lack of energy.  Still, looking at it positively, I think I saw the two most impressive ones. 

Here's the fab-u-lous! darlings, #216, Emerald Queen. 

That's some spectacular headpiece she is wearing.  This beautiful elephant was created by Sabine Roemer.  This special elephant features a 678 carat ethical Zambian emerald from Gemfields which carries a reserve price of £90,000.

Artist's Inspiration: "I was fascinated and inspired by the Indian tradition to embellish their propitious elephants. The 678.07ct emerald of the big jewellery headpiece is because of their god Ganesh’s stone is also an emerald". Just wow. 

I had to take several photos of her, and can't resist loading them - after all, her Majesty should be admired in her full glory. 

There were people everywhere and it was madness.  I was standing there for ages - in the end, this photo below has had several body parts cropped out - :lol: 

From chi chi sophistication to plain dead va va voom!  No missing this girl in a nightclub, with all the reflective bling catching all the attention. 

Shame about the chair in the foreground, but it couldn't be helped, I guess.  When it comes to being scrapbooked, I shall have to cover with a strategic embellishment!  :lol: This beautiful elephant named Heaven's Haathi, #50 was created by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.  Artist's Inspiration: "India is the heart of South East Asia and the elephant is her jewel. The Majesty of this Divine Symbol is evoked not through paint alone but also embedded in its very core through the use of exquisite heritage embroideries."

Here's some pics of the Elephant Parade shop at Selfridges, with lots of action going on! 

Those are the natural coloured elephants.  Now they get really bright and funky!

Fancy one on your mantelpiece?  I would, but don't have a mantel.  How on earth would you choose?  It's like going to Battersea Dogs Home, and leaving a puppy behind.  How could you?  :lol:

I then proceeded down Oxford Street, into Bond Street tube domain.  You enter St Christopher place through a tiny entrance from Oxford Street, that you would never know was there.  Once in, like these other secret squares in London, you open up to loads of posh shops, and upmarket eateries. 

Elephant Chic, #67, was very suitably adorned for the surrounding. 


This houndstooth check was created by Benjamin Shine.  Artist's Inspiration: "Elephant Chic presents a fashion statement in the form of a bold check print. The idea focuses on 'the herd' in highlighting the ideals of conservation."

I love the sculptures and the artwork found in these settings.  Funny how each piece seems to fit perfectly with the atmosphere.  Here's the piece at St Christopher Place:

I love this next elephant - #181 - "Kubella the Seaside Elephant", created by Natalie Guy.  Artist's Inspiration: "I live by the sea and my surroundings inspired the design from the reflection of the wash, to the lighter blues, moving towards to ink blue of the sea and of course, the ditty 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'! Mosaic is a wonderful medium to work with."

What a shame she wasn't sitting by the river or the sea!  Hum di ho ... but I do like to be beside the seaside ....


  1. Wow, I don't know where I have been, how did I miss so many posts! I think Gajaraj and darlings Emerald Queen may be my new favourites! Then again that may just be because I am currently looking at them lol! I love them all really and am so glad I got to see so many of them even if it was only in photos so thanks for all your miles of walking and sharing with us! :)

  2. LOL that pinker than pink nelly is now my new favourite - move over cloudia and cosmos!!

  3. These are stunning, sadly I did not make it as far into London. Thanks for sharing your photos.