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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lewis and Henry - Twenty Eighth Month Update

Daddy and I took you today to the Albany Creek Leisure Centre, where you had a play in the water. Henry, even when Daddy was throwing you around in the water, you loved it and felt no fear. You went into relatively deep water to get up the water slide and loved every second. Lewis, you seem very afraid of the water and really didn't like it when I let go of your hand. The photos on this post  are from today. 


The highlights of your speech this month were:

Henry - "cup of tea"; "Daddy - I'm coming" (into the laundry through the playroom door to see Paul who was ironing)

Henry 17/10 - "look at the full moon", "towel"

Lewis - "nighty night", "Good morning"

You both can now identify parts of the face and know new words every day. 

Right now, you both love getting into mischief and creating chaos. 

The words mostly right now are:

Dandad = Grandad
Bundaween =Mandarine

You now get your evening milk in a cup before going to bed.  Henry, you have quickly mastered using a cup, but Lewis - you still need some assistance.  Lewis, you were saying "Mumma" for Grandma, but are now saying "Bumma".  You were also saying "water" as clear as a bell, but are now saying "buddha". 

We are very fortunate in that you have your own playroom at Grandma and Grandad's, and you love to turn his canvas chair over and use it as a slide.  When your cousin Asha taught you to take the cushions off the chairs and you love to jump on them, or use them to bounce up and down. 

You are still obsessed with fans and lights and ask for them to be on at all hours of the day and night. 
Henry, you are great at throwing tantrums, and they can be ear-splittingly loud. 


Lewis, you are the king of the slippery dips, and Daddy even taught you to go down face first! You can now climb up the ladders for the slippery slides yourselves.  You are becoming ever more courageous and cheeky, but still hate sitting down in the bath and having your hair washed!  It is also a major event to try and trim your hair, whereas Henry now loves the feeling and will accept all such attention. 

You seem to be thriving, living in an extended family environment, and are growing taller and healthier each day.  Lewis, you still can be a finicky eater, but are eating paw-paws and mandarines whereas Henry you also love melon. 

Henry, you are  still ripping up books which does distress me, but I am hoping that you will grow out of this very soon. 

Other highlights of this month include:

You were baptised in St Clements Church of England at Stafford on Saturday, 13th October and we were blessed to have been surrounded by so many family and friends.

Grandma and I had a lovely coffee in McDonalds one day and you loved playing on the gym set.  Lewis, when it came time to go home, you were missing up inside, so I had to climb up the inside spiral backwards to come and find you. 

Last weekend, we had a BBQ in Broadwater Park on Brisbane's south side to celebrate your cousins Ryan and Erin's birthdays. 

We are very careful in the hot Aussie sun, but love getting out and about as much as we can.