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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Financeli Speaking ...

#173 - Paul Smith Elephant in his signature striped design - Artist - Paul Smith.

#68 Taxi Elephant.  This beautiful glossy sophisticated elephant was created by Benjamin Shine.  Artist's Inspiration: "Taxi Elephant aims to celebrate Elephant Parade in London through the idea of the elephant blending into the city's familiar scenery - taking on the appearance of the iconic London black cab."

Elephants at Bank tube - Cosmos, and #74 Elephant Race (Against Time).  Elephant Race (Against Time) was created by Caio Locke.  Artist's Inspiration: "The relationship between nature and civilisation is a constant theme in my work. In this campaign, I focus on the extent to which human activity impacts upon the survival of the Asian elephant. My cars are inspired by Cuba."

#106 Cosmos, created by Ewelina Kawarska.  Artist's Inspiration: "My inspiration was the 'Domain Names for a Domain' campaign by web hosting company Easyspace to help save the Asian elephant. I wanted 'Cosmos' to highlight both the global nature of modern communication and the scale of the elephant's plight."

Here's #80 - Ritual.  This beautiful elephant was created by Cian Mcloughlin.  Artist's Inspiration: "Elephants are known to bury their dead, mourn them and stand vigil over their graves. Echoing our own human rituals, it is this profound level of social development and advanced capacity for high functioning emotions that inspired my design."

This beautiful elephant, #201 named The Elephant Outside the Room was created by Pochoir.  Artist's Inspiration: "To take the elephant outside the room and see what happens when a white elephant is left unattended on the South Bank."

St Paul's statue is beautiful and shimmers in the sun. 

Some interesting facts and figures:

Additional Information:-

  • Each elephant sculpture is made from fibreglass, with a sturdy steel structure within the legs, and weighs approximately 70kg.
  • Standing elephant dimensions (without plinth): 148 cm (H) x 165 cm (L) x 75 cm (W)
  • Sitting elephant dimensions (without plinth): 145 cm (H) x 180 cm (L) x 120 cm (W)
At Elephant Family's discretion, sponsors can buy their elephant at the current average selling price of £7,000 (based on previous Elephant Parade auctions). This process will remove the elephant from the online and live auctions.


  1. I think Cosmos has become my new favourite!

  2. lol, me too, was just gonna type the same thing :-D


  3. Me 3! It's beautiful. I love Chestnut too. Lovely to see the architecture too, Ali.

  4. oops, Chestnut is in the post following this!