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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Henry and Lewis at Six Months

You turned six months on 6th January.  You are are now 70cms long - 20cm more than when you were born! and CONSIDERABLY heavier, of course. You are much larger than other babies much older than you. Destined to be rugby players amongst other things, perhaps!

Since then, we have really noticed that you recognise each other.  One of our highlights of the day is when you look at each other and giggle.  Sometimes that can last for a couple of minutes at a time, and it is just adorable to see. 

Henry - you are rolling over and over - one minute, we can see you in the middle of the jungle, and the next - you are under the edge of the coffee table, or on top of the gas pipe, or trying to fit under the sofa!  Your hand to eye co-ordination is really exact now, and you are reaching out to touch our faces or objects that attract you.  It is usually a toy of your brother's that takes your fancy!  At the moment, Lewis is not protesting when you snatch a rattle or the elephant away, but we don't imagine that this situation will stay like this for very long!  It took you a little while to get the hang of solids, but now you are eating everything that is given to you with great enthusiasm.  Today I caught you trying to bite Lewis and even gnaw on his leg!

You are becoming ever more vocal, and are making a greater variety of noises and sounds than ever.  The most recognisable thing you say is "da da da da" and become especially talkative after the evening feed. 

Lewis - you are smiling and giggling more and more, but your cry for food or when you are unhappy has gotten much louder and is positively a screech at times!  You really open your mouth when you have decided that you like the concoction that is offered to you, but are refusing to open your mouth or spit things out when you have made up your mind that you really don't like something!  I am really taking advantage when you cry because that is when I shove a great spoonful of food into your mouth - not always with successful consequences, I must say.  You are also really vocal after the evening feed, but are particularly interested in blowing raspberries at the moment, and sucking or biting on your sleeve. 

There are no concrete signs of teeth at the moment, but we are expecting them for you both at any day now.

Henry, when placed in a sitting position, you are definitely more stable, but Lewis, you are still more wobbly, so we predict that Henry will be able to sit up first.  Henry, when I am changing you on the floor, you move backwards like an upside down frog, and can use your legs to propel yourself away from me really quickly!  It can make nappy changing really challenging, and you rollover like a giant worm when I am trying to get you dressed. 

Lewis, you almost look like you are getting ready to crawl, by trying to get up on your knees.  Your eyes have changed colour - at birth, they were a really dark slate, and then they turned to grey.  Now, they're looking set to be hazel.  You are gradually getting more hair, and it looks to be a medium brown in colour. 

You are both really starting to interact with your toys now, and we often find you cuddled up with your bears in your cots in the mornings.

So far, you have tried baby rice and porridge in the mornings, and this has been mixed with banana, pear puree or apple and pear mix.  In the afternoons, you have now had carrot, broccoli ( not so popular, thus far!), sweet potato, avocado, and butternut squash, which you both enjoyed.  The cottage pie was a smash with Henry, and squash and chicken was also very popular!  However, you want to grab the spoon or bowl and have a go at feeding yourself - with potentially disastrous consequences for bright orange or green food on cream carpets ...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

January Card for Scrapology

Ali from Crafty Ribbons generously donated the prize this month - and with Valentine's Day coming up soon, the theme this month is all about love. 

As fate would have it, a friend has very recently become engaged - I really need to get my act together and post her the card!

We were challenged to use ribbons on the card and there are some very lovely examples of cards on the Scrapology blog. 

Here is my example below. 

I wanted to make the focus on the ladybird ribbon - hence the message.  

I received the Stampin' Up! scallop punch from my friend Tara as one of my Christmas presents - I know it will be a much loved tool in my edge punch library. 

Supplies used:
Cricut red card
K & Co red scrap from my scraps bag
Lined patterned paper from my scraps bag
Bazzill Black card
Bazzill White card
Martha Stewart loopy punch
Stampin Up! scallop punch
E K Success Binding Edge punch
Quickutz heart
PSX Alpha - "Playful"
Colourful peel-offs

I bought some really bright colourful vinyl peel-offs from Create and Craft probably about two years ago.  I am not normally a fan, but peel-offs do have their place - it all depends on the design and type of peel-off.  These ones really attracted me as they were such lovely bright colours and the design was of butterflies and leaves - universally popular. 

Why not join in with the challenge?  These lovely ribbons would make a great prize ...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Name Picture

We were invited to go to a christening yesterday, and I was scratching my head about what to give as a gift. 

I thought the traditional items (you know - a silver item, or a china dining set, for example) were, well - too traditional - and not really useful in this day and age. 

We were only invited one week before the event, and I didn't have a great deal of time to think about it.  When a friend suggested a name picture, that was the very thing and off I went! 

The images I found on the internet didn't really inspire me and I wasn't tempted to buy anything I saw.  So I decided that as I happened to have a *few* materials around, I would make a picture myself! 

Making more than a few amendments along the way, here is the final version. 

I happened to have a frame around the house (from an intended project some years ago!) and decided to use it here.  I used my Cricut alphabet (Opposites Attract) with the shadows for the letters.  The shadows were coloured using Promarkers, as were most of the animals. 

I originally kept the letters white, but it was too minimalist and not bright enough for a 6 month old boy, so I used scraps of patterned paper for each letter.  The grass was cut with a Sizzlits decorative strip die.  Handily enough, I had recently purchased the Cuttlebug baby animals set of dies when they were half price in the Papermaze fire sale - they proved more than their money's worth in this project!

I started off by colouring in the animals with the Promarkers - but if I were to do another similar project, then I would cut everything out using the individual coloured card.  It would make the project much more laborious, but I think worth it in terms of the quality of finish.  The Promarkers are great, but when the item is quite small, you are reliant on the quality of your colouring in - and it is very easy for my hand to slip when colouring in detail.  The eyes pop using Ranger black enamel accents - it is great stuff, but very hard to control the amount of enamel that comes from the bottle!  I had to redo several of the animals when they ended up with black all over their heads, rather than just the eyes.  I had to sit up late several nights in order to get it finished, but I hope the recipient's family like the picture and appreciate that it was handmade especially for their son.  In my mind, not bad for a first attempt I think! 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

January Scrapology Layout

Welcome to the New Year, and the start of the 2012 Scrapology challenges.  It was a push for me this month - (well, every month is now, to be honest!) but I managed to do a Christmas layout for this scraplift challenge, using seven photos on a double layout. 

I have used eight - and could have used eight more, frankly! but it gives me a good excuse to pull the Christmas stash out again, when I can find some time. 

This month, we scraplifted this layout by Stacey Hansen that appeared in Creating Keepsakes September 2011. 

The challenge was to also incorporate texture, in order to make the layout more dimensional.  This is my take on this layout.  

I am much more of a linear scrapper, and prefer straight lines.  I also prefer less pattern on a page, so decided to only use one piece of patterned paper - which in this case, of course, is Basic Grey "Jingle Bells" from the Blitzen collection.  I only had about half a piece left, but it was perfect for this double layout.  Shame I don't have more for other Christmas pages, but that's the way it goes. 

I have gazillions of Bazzill "Just the Edge" strips left in many colours, and that was just the contrast I needed at the bottom to prevent the harsh appearance of too many straight lines.  I also had some Christmas tree chipboard in drab colours that didn't match, so used them as a template for the shapes of the Christmas trees here.  Several years ago, Two Peas in a Bucket was selling off some 12 x 12 glitter cardstock by Creative Expressions, I think .. I used this card for the red background to the title, and the Christmas trees.  I then used mint Icicles (the thicker version of Stickles) around the red rainbow for some extra texture and bling.  I struggled with this sketch for a long time, but am really happy with the result - especially as it commemorates such a special event! 

This month, Jill from Cardinal Colours is offering a really special prize - every colour from the Bazzill Two Scoops collection.  You have to be in it to win it!  Thanks also to my friend Carin McDonough who was the guest designer for this month.  She always produces the most brilliant layouts!  See more of her beautiful work here.