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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Elephant and Castle

They really couldn't leave an Elephant on Parade out of Elephant and Castle, could they?  On my way home from work Monday evening, I went one stop to "Sarf London" and got out at Elephant and Castle station.  I had acquired two copies of the big maps when I saw Cloudia, but sometimes the directions aren't that exact, and you have to go and walk about and ask people for some help. 

I went around the roundabout and down a road a bit and no elephant spotting.  I then went back through the shopping centre - and because I didn't read all the bits of the map properly - tut! I didn't see that the elephant was actually in the shopping centre - St Modwens, to be precise.  A kind security guard pointed me in the right direction.  I wasn't leaving until I found it - even though I really wanted to get home!  Sometimes you have to allow yourself a bit more time to reach your goal. 

I felt sorry for this elephant - it is in a very dirty location which is far less salubrious than some of the more fortunate elephants of London.  Still, it is very beautiful, despite the shabby environs.  Forever Birds - isn't that a grand title?  No 6, artist Anchalee Intorn. 

I had to get the Elephant & Castle logo in at the background.  Elephant and Castle shopping centre is just off the huge roundabout - it is a main thoroughfare to get to South London and beyond, so it has a huge amount of traffic flowthrough, and a large amount of buses pull up there through the course of the day.  You can see the grime on everything from close-up - best not to look too closely then! 

There's a fabo patchwork of birdies on this beauty - hope the Castle Tandoori don't get too many ideas - lol!  She does stand out in this grimy patch of urban decay. 

I wonder if her second cousin is jealous and trying to get in on the act?  I couldn't really leave this ellie out - an original, befitting the location. 


I am starting to feel like David Bellamy or Davina Attenborough .... I wonder how I look in khaki? 


  1. 2 elephant posts! Go David lol! That one is so cute and definitely brightens up the place. The birds are beautiful :)

  2. That's fabulous, Ali - well done you for finding it in the jungle that is Sarf London. I had no idea these ellies existed so thank you for enlightening a simple rural 'hick' like me.

  3. What a little ray of sunshine that elephant is in such a dreary place - you must be keeping very fit trying to find them all.

  4. Those elephants look great! Wish I could see them. LOL

  5. That beautiful elephant can make the dullest place look fabulous

  6. We were South Londoners and I remember this place well. I am surprised the elephant is still intact...maybe art, like graffiti is appreciated there.