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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hunting on a Day off ...

I took this past Thursday, 17th June off to go seek and find more ellies.  There's always the question when you set out of where you're going, and what to see .... it really needs quite a plan of action. 

I decided to head to Greenwich for the hell of it - that was probably a mistake, as it took absolutely ages to get there.  Stupidly I thought I would get off the Jubilee Line at Canary Wharf and get straight onto the Docklands Light Railway - but there's quite a walk in between.  That was very fortunate in a way, as I found myself closer to the Docklands. 

There is a lot of work going on near the river, and a number of enormous cranes around.  The scale of the buildings are quite enormous. 

I had quite a walk through several wings of a shopping centre before I walked over a bridge and the river to find myself at West India quay.  They were celebrating the World Cup, with entertainment on for the kids.  There was even a David Beckham look-a-like, posing for the cameras.  This character was bouncing a giant ball for the kids. 

After about two hours of travelling, I finally arrive at my first ellie destination.  This is #84, Matilda.  Matilda was created by Craig Ritchie and Maribel Castro.  Artists' Inspiration: "We wanted to decorate our elephant with 1500 individual historical black and white photographs of London, which would ground the elephant within the city and its many histories. From a distance the elephant appears grey (resembling the skin colour of an elephant) but when the spectator approaches they can see that it is actually a collection of small images."

It was quite difficult to photograph Matilda as it was dark inside, but here is my attempt. 

You can kind of get the picture, ha ha!  but the images are much clearer with a close-up:

Onwards from here, back onto Docklands Light Railway, disembarking at Cutty Sark.  It really isn't much of a walk to find the Greenwich market.  Lots of very interesting stalls that it would have been lovely to browse around - second hand books, vintage clothing, jewellery and loads more.  I found it quite a challenge to get a good photo of this ellie, Piquant - it was late lunchtime, and the market was heaving with people. 

This elephant named Piquant #5, was created by Ittikorn Chaingam.  Very aptly named, seeing that it is covered in chilli peppers!  I love this following photo of the market - it is so atmospheric.  Just of lots of people, going about their business.

There was an elephant shop in the market - not nearly as posh as the concession in Selfridges, but it certainly didn't need to be!  It did the job.  Next stop - trying to find the Visitor's Centre, which I eventually did.  My goodness, if the market wasn't posh, this building certainly is!  There were two elephants in the grounds and lots of visitors to the centre. 

This elephant is #128, Cotee - created by Joanna Martin.  Artist's Inspiration: "Cotee (Colours Of The Earth Elephant). Celebrating the colours of the earth". 

This shows the setting for this ellie very nicely.  And with this next ellie picture, it shows more of the Visitor's Centre behind - so grand, don't you think viewers?  (:lol:  that always reminds me of Paul Hogan). 

This elephant, #52, is called Clair le Lune, created by Adam Durrance.  Artist's Inspiration: "The Moon, Gravity." Every elephant needs a beautiful model, don't you think?  This family were American, and didn't mind me taking a photo of their lovely little girl.  The parents called their two kids "gremlins" - and we make a joke - they turn nasty when wet! 

I took a lunchbreak to rest my feet and ate at the bistro inside before proceeding back to London.  Afternoon ellies to come ......


  1. Not only have you seem the most amazing ellies, but you've seen more of London than most people ever get to see - and you've made it look gorgeous :)

  2. Awwww twilight elephant (clair de lune) LOL!!!
    Thank you for another one of your guided walks.

  3. Wow, I'm sure you've nearly found all of them Ali!! Thanks for showing them to me. I feel as though I've seen most of them without having to go to the UK! LOL