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Friday, 4 June 2010

Elephant Parade

The Elephant Parade is a conservation campaign that shines a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. Brought to you by, the event sees 258 brightly painted life-size elephants located over central London.

Each decorated by a different artist or celebrity, the elephants brighten and beautify the city, enhancing every park, street corner and building they grace. Running from May to July 2010, this is London’s biggest outdoor art event on record. With an estimated audience of 25 million, the aim is to raise £2 million for the Asian elephant and benefit 20 UK conservation charities.

The Elephant Parade herd will be gathered together at the official viewing days at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on the 25th, 26th and 28th June.

I had to go to an appointment in London yesterday, and I took the opportunity to get to see at least a few of the fabulous 260 elephants currently stampeding around London.  My game territory (ha haa - see what I did there?) was restricted to the Baker Street area. 

Here's no 71 - Boodle, in Baker Street.  Look at her pretty face and makeup - courtesy of Boodles.  Not sure if this is Boodles, the gentlemen's club, or the jewellers?  Anyhoo, here's a side on view. 

Artist's Inspiration for Boodles: "The joyful nature of an elephant playing in water."  This elephant was kindly sponsored by Movida.

Three more elephants to be found on Baker Street - here's a very pretty girl called "Chinesephant" found almost opposite Boodle.  Artist : Wongpeera Winyarat and numbered 27.  What exotic citrus colours! 

Here's the enigmatic, pipesmoking and caped and capped number 43, Sherlock Holmes, found in Baker Street, W1. 

Fabulous Elvis sideburns, don't you think?

Last one in Baker Street - Ella May (London Mayor's Association), no 76.  She looks decidedly mayoral and official.  Artist:  Charlotte Brown and her inspiration: "This elephant was designed to reflect the grandeur and tradition of the Lord Mayors Association. Ella May is dressed in full robes and sports his own historic 'elephant' emblem on his Mayoral Chains of Office."

And a face on view:

Pictures of the ellies with little kids crawling all over them are so sweet.  Here's Bouquet - artist is  Potcharat Utamang.  She is currently stationed at the Paddington Street Gardens. 

Here's the other elephant at the Paddingston Street Gardens, Poppy.  Another one with a gorgeous little girl crawling all over her - just the way it should be. 

This beautiful elephant named Poppy #235 was created by Sophie Coryndon.  Artist's Inspiration: "A vibrant and eyecatching design that showcases the fantastic range of colours available from Farrow and Ball and that will compliment both a spirit of fun and the serious message behind this project." This elephant was kindly sponsored by Farrow & Ball.

Lots and lots more to be discovered - what a happy opportunity! Let's see how many more I can capture photographically ...


  1. Fantastic Pics Alison, i would love to see them close up but in the mean time will have to wait for you to take to some more pics!



  2. Wow, those are just adorable! I especially love the green one, wish I could see them in real life! I will just have to join Lisa, and look forward to more pics if you find any more! :)

  3. loved your comments on the pics:) those elephants are just begging to be put on a lo:)

  4. Lovely photos - I have enjoyed seeing everyones photos. Look forward to seeing these on a layout sometime.

  5. Simply wonderful, what a great event and I hope it raises mega money.