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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

More More London ... and yet more ...

Part Two of yesterday's lunchtime elephants.  Amazing what you can actually fit in, but how long does it take to edit each photo and then label it correctly!

From London Bridge tube, I walked right out the station, and down Tooley Street.  Cross the road at More London - a 13 acre site which not only features professional firms, but also public spaces and parks and stunning views of the Thames and the riverside, especially on a beautiful late spring day. 

This is the silhouette that greets you walking through the entrance of More London and into the walkway which takes you to the river. 

See Tower Bridge in the gap at the far end?  Isn't that amazing - they must have designed it like that - well, you would hope anyway! 

The new City Hall building ... it looks like someone make it from a jelly mould, and it is turned out lopsided!  Quite charming in its own way though, I think ...  now turn slightly left from there, and this is what you see ....

What beautiful architecture - I can never get enough.  It's this kind of thing that does make the rat race sometimes worthwhile! 

I've taken individual photos of this herd, so I will upload them over the next couple of days ....

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  1. More Fantastic Ele-pics, Alison! I really hope you can get them all photographed too

    Lisa xx