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Monday, 21 June 2010

South Molton nelephantitus

Last Monday evening, after a day full of meetings, I staggered home via Bond Street tube, to specifically snap the South Molton Street elephants.  So only four elephants shot, but better than nothing!

Oli #119 was created by Issa.  Artist's Inspiration: "After hearing how these elephants are becoming extinct I wanted to create a design that was symbolic of both the increasing dangers the elephants are facing but which also represented Issa. The design is a collage of Issa prints, old and new, with road signs which act as protection from the villagers who are harming them."

I love individual shops that aren't part of chains.  These shops were really quirky and interesting. 

The lovely bright ellie up top is #132, Young at Art, was created by John D Wilson.  Artist's Inspiration: "Using my own "trademark" painting style (mixing children's art with established art)."

This elephant named Dead End, 142 was created by Kriti Arora.  Artist's Inspiration: "Mans reckless and inconsiderate destruction of natural habitat in the name of so-called development". 

The last elephant on South Molton Street is #199, Impossiphant.  This beautiful elephant named Impossiphant was created by Peter Smith.  Artist's Inspiration: "I wanted to create an expression of the important things in my life; love, hope and happiness. If people smile when they see my brightly coloured Impossimals combined with such a worthy cause then my contentment is complete."

So cute!  I think I had my camera on the wrong setting - these photos are still so blue, even though I've mucked around with the levels and the hues.  Hey ho!  Price of being an amateur.  More tomorrow!


  1. I love the last nelly and look what shop she is sat right in front of - Radley

  2. Lol, more Ellies, I thought you had finished with them so this is a nice surprise! All gorgeous but really like the young at art one!

  3. All lovley, how many have you seen and snapped Alison?