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Monday, 14 June 2010

Ellies in the City ...

Friday evening turned out to be warm and sunny - such a welcome contrast to the wet and miserable morning.   I did quite a circuit, around St Paul's Cathedral, Liverpool Street, exiting from Monument tube station that afternoon. 
These two elephants are amongst my favourites so far ... they are so bright and vibrant.  Here's #186 - Around the World.  Vies closely at the top of my list.  I thought it equally could have been named "Day and Night". 

Here's 188 - Mayur Gajendra.  Same artist for both - Nilesh Mistry. 

Here's the left side of both - there's Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, and other iconic world famous images. 

And here's the Southern Hemisphere - these colours just really appeal to me - I think this ellie is so beautiful.  This beautiful elephant named Around the World was created by Nilesh Mistry.  Artist's Inspiration: "Inspired by the winning design in a competition held for the staff of BlackRock, this design reflects iconic buildings in some of those countries where BlackRock has an office, including India, the home of so many Asian elephants."

This next elephant proved elusive - or rather, it's location did!  This next elephant is #83, Midnight Indigo, and is situated at Bow Churchyard accessed via Bow Lane.  It is a tiny lane which opens up to a large space filled with pubs and restaurants.  The statue in the background was presented to the City of London by the "Commonwealth of Virginia" - interesting terminology, I thought. 

Here's the last ellie of the day - #211, Hope.  It stands outside the giant BT building, near St Paul's tube.  My feet were screaming for mercy by this time!  More City Hathi to come ....


  1. Wow, those first 2 are just so gorgeous, I love the bright colours and detailing of the round the world one but the Mayur Gajendra is in some of my favourite colours so I adore that one! You are going to be the fittest you have ever been after all of this! :) Plus imagine all the experience for all these new jobs you can now go for, Journalist, Art critic, Detective and you can probably write a book on the best ways to travel around London! ;)

  2. Oh the top two are just visually stunning - any idea where they are all going to go when this is finished? I would love some in my garden LOL - have you seen the size of my back garden????

  3. Wonderful eles' again love the top two too:-D