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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Weekend Workout

Last Sunday, I took the opportunity to travel to London to go on walkabout looking for elis.  I don't often go into London on weekends and had forgotten what a nightmare public transport usually is.  Half the tube lines were down as they are doing extensive maintenance and preparing for the Olympics, I suppose. 

After a lot of faffing about, I was finally successful at getting a train into Marylebone.  From there, a quick trip round on the tube to Paddington, where I knew this eli had been moved - #87 - Happy End of Nature.  It was originally supposed to be at Terminal 5 at Heathrow, but I think they thought all of the photography was a security risk! 

These decorative, highly coloured elephants are my favourites, I think.  "The Happy End of Nature" was created by Deniz Balabaner.  Artist's Inspiration: "What has inspired me was the 600 year old Iznic Ceramics art, in the way they have used the seven main colours." Iznik pottery, named after the Turkish town in western Anatolia where it was made, is highly decorated ceramics whose heyday was the late sixteenth century. The largest collection of vessels is in the British Museum and Iznik tiles may be seen in quantity in the imperial and religious buildings of Istanbul.

I then walked from Paddington to Bayswater and called in at the Hempel hotel (so posh it only has "H" engraved on the windows! :lol:) to see the three ellies grazing there. 

This beautiful elephant #111 is named MOTHER NATURE and was created by Hannes D'Haese.  Artist's Inspiration: "The recent birth of elephants in captivity. Although it is positive and touching it also makes me realise that in the wild the elephants are disappearing at an alarming rate and that the road to recovery is fragile."

This elephant was sponsored by The Hempel.

Very bright, beautiful and painterly! 

No prizes for guessing what this next elephant is called!  What luscious, mouthwatering colours.  From Mother Nature to Strawberry, an automatic Japanese screen slides across to access main reception.  I was a bit intimidated walking in through the front door, but the receptionist was very friendly and welcoming.  Strawberry, #4, was created by Thanom Kongchan.

Beautiful, pared down minimalism - all very stylish!  And then outside, luxuriating in a private garden, is the last elephant located at the Hempel. 

This elephant named Chestnut, #36 was created by Thammakit Thamboon.

Loads more of West London to come, but for now, all good elephant hunters must go to bed.  It's been a busy day. 

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  1. Oh Alison that first ele is gorgeous!!! I am really envious of you being able to take all these fabulous pics!! You've done a fantastic job too! Can hardly wait to see the layouts you do with these fantastic photos!!