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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Friday ellies Stampeding through the West

Last Friday, 18th June, I was exploring around the West.  I had an appointment early Friday afternoon and managed to capture a couple of ellies before heading back to work.  Here's two ellies who were resting in Sloane Square:

This beautiful elephant named Kingdom, #208 was created by Rebecca Campbell.  Artist's Inspiration: "Strutting peacocks, prowling tigers, dancing cranes and even dung beetles going about their daily business. "Kingdom" is a celebration of some of the birds, plants and animals that share the Asian elephant's domain."

And here's Josephine - #190, created by Patrice Moor.  Artist's Inspiration: "I am passionate about tulips and much of my childhood was spent in Holland (my mother is Dutch)". 

Turn left into King's Road, to encounter more!  No prizes for this one's name - but for documentation purposes, it is #13, Doors.   The artist is Ratchadapol Mueannoo.  This elephant was kindly sponsored by Savills.

The Duke of York Square is right off King's Road and is rather large!  It goes on for a couple of blocks. 

This next elephant is #59, named The Elephant In The Room was created by Anna Masters.  Artist's Inspiration: "My practice is heavily influenced by an investigation into pattern and form. The designs on the fabrics provided by my sponsor, OKA, provided fantastic inspiration for the elephant."  OKA retail furniture and home decor accessories.

Look at the legs - it's like she is wearing four different pyjama bottoms!  :lol:  Love it.  For this one, I am going to give you a 360, because the other orientation looks so completely different.  This is Duke of York Square. 

Sadly, I couldn't continue the hunt at that juncture ... I had to go back to work to fund the hunting!  So after work quite a bit later, I went home via Green Park. 

What a magnificent sight!  More to come ....

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  1. Loving all the pics you have taken Ali! Can't wait to see how you scrap them all