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Monday, 28 June 2010

Trafalgar Square...

Continuing on from my day Thursday before last, 17th June.  About 6pm, walking towards Trafalgar Square - I hadn't been there for ages up until then. 

This elephant #144 named Kings XI Punjab was created by Lalit Modi.  Artist's Inspiration:"This elephant was inspired by the Kings XI Punjab, an Indian Premier League cricket team". 

This elephant #147, named Delhi Daredevils was created by Lalit Modi and is part of the same family of the Indian cricket team! 

Another one - #150 - Royal Challengers Bangalore - again by the same artist, Lalit Modi. 

Right in the centre of the Square - #145 Mumbai Indians - the name of another Indian Premier League cricket team". 

I like the sunburst effect on this blue one!  This next one, #143, is very aptly named "Rajasthan Royals". 

Didn't quite mean to have a bus sticking out in this picture, but there you have it!  Another instance of inferior photography.  :lol:  #149, Chennai Super Kings. 

Here's the famous Square, in action .... and a lovely day to rest a moment, watching the crowds, and the blue sky ....

After a brief respite, onto Leicester Square.  This is the Tommy Hilfiger Red Elephant, #247.   Artist's Inspiration: "Inspired by popular culture, I combined red and green pop colors to design a high-gloss elephant with a Mohawk planter effect. This elephant is unique as it continues to evolve throughout the parade, while juxtaposing nature with the unexpected."

Loving the punk hairdo!  At this point, I am in Theatreland proper - round the corner, in St Martin's Court, is Figgy, #110.  Figgy was created by Hannah Griffiths and her inspiration - "Figs are a beautiful fruit and I love their lush colours and the gorgeous pattern of their leaves. I wanted to create a precious richness by adding a mosaic element to my elephant."

Very difficult to get that photo, even what it is - there were LOADS of people milling about - being a Friday night after work.  What a spectacular facade to that pub! 

I was so disappointed when I got to Leicester Square to see it all partitioned off - they were preparing for about 50-60 of the ellies to be together in Leicester Square the next day - but that didn't suit me!  (Spitting dummy there .... :lol:) This was the only ellie I could get in Leicester Square - and that is by leaning over the partition.  No 126 - Untitled (Gajaraja) - created by Jitish Kallat.  I was quite amazed to see how many of the ellies were actually unnamed - it's a wonder they didn't do names out of the hat, or something of the like! 

I decided to wend my weary way home, but on the way, ran into one more elephant - this time, on Jermyn Street.  #200, Dickinson Elephant and one of my favourites.  This beautiful elephant named Dickinson Elephant was created by Phoebe Dickinson.  Artist's Inspiration: "Great Flower paintings associated with Dickinson; from Old masters to Impressionists, including the Van Gogh Sunflowers and the National Gallery of Scotlands Botticelli."  This elephant was kindly sponsored by Dickinson Fine Art - a family affair, perhaps? 

What a dandy!  Guess who this is - you probably got it - Beau Brummell. 

I love the fruit tree on the back left leg, and her impressionistic trunk! 

I still have to upload all the ellies from Green Park Friday week ago, and then the ellies from Royal Chelsea Hospital and Westfield.  Should I carry on - that's an awfully big job!  Still, I suppose it would make my life easier when it comes to making an art journal, I suppose ...


  1. Wow! I love the Ellies from Trafalgar Square, they were really colourful!

    Thanks for the tour around London too by the way! LOL And yes, I do think you should continue. I want to see more!

  2. Lots of gorgeous elephants love the flames but the best is definitely Dickinson Elephant!