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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More of More London, this time with Nellies ....

Straight into the nellies ... this one is #45, called "New Map of London" - the first elephant I saw when entering More London from Tooley Street side, near London Bridge.  Artist Nongklan Ponningmas. 

Next heffalumpasaurus:  number 255, "The City in the Elephant", by artist BFLS Architects.  As you'd expect to see, there's an architectural twist - each glass dome provides an inner view of the elephant.  Look at all the glass in those buildings behind!  Such a juxtaposition of all different materials and angles. 

Artists Inspiration: "Whilst urban growth endangers the elephant, this poses an interesting idea re. the way in which the elephant consumes the city - a statement highlighting the endangering of the species. 18 projects define the 18 months' gestation of a new elephant - our projects take a considerable time to grow and nurture - we strive for sustainable growth and life."

This next elephant is 183, "Jaidayal (the triumph of kindness)".  A lot of these elephants seem to have meaningful or spiritual names.  Artist:  Nathalie Gourand.  Fabulous mosaic detail on this lovely ellie.  Look closely - there's a monkey crawling up her leg!


And finally for this post thus far - Elephant # 100, "Carry on up the Kyhber".  Artist Emma Sergeant.  Artist's Inspiration: "I painted the Afghan refugees in Pakistan in 1984 to raise money for UNICEF and again in 1986 to raise money for Medecins du Monde".

Seems like a lot more than twenty .... it's obviously very deceptive.  Maybe it's all that khaki and fresh air that's getting to my brain ....

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