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Monday, 7 June 2010

London Bridge Ellies

En route from office to office today, I veered purposefully at lunch time around paths hitherto unpounded in search of more Elephants on Parade.

It required a bit of perserverance, but I tracked more of these delightfully coloured creatures - even Cloudia!  I was so lucky - I didn't even have to deliberately try and track her down.  Here she was, by Tower Bridge -

I saw lots of fabbo heffalumps today, but here's another one for good measure:

This is No 81, Marjorie, by Clare Bassett.  I don't really know what significance she has, but she seems a throw back to a previous era, with her old-fashioned name - she seems to be a product of the 1940's, perhaps?  She was part of a herd by More London.

Here's the last one I took today - "Just Joey" at the Hays Galleria.  I love the settings of some of these elephants - you can see a lot of the city in background. 

Beauty in an urban setting - love the floral splendour mixed with industrial greyness. 

I love these colours!  Just Joey is numbered 140, by artist Karen Hollis.  You can see some of the beautiful architectural design of the Hays Galleria below.  Sometimes the photos have to be cropped down a bit more than I would like - this is because there are sometimes loads of people around, and I try to get as clear a photo as possible.  More piccies to upload tomorrow, but in the meantime, I will go and count how many of the heffalumpuses I have seen so far .... cripes - only 19!  Best get my skates on, then.  Laters.


  1. Oh you are so lucky! I would love to see them and you're right, it's great to see the architecture too. I really must 'do' London sometime.

  2. I haven't seen those ones yet. I have had to do some weird cropping on mine as well to get rid of people. We are hoping to get back to London to see some more soon.

  3. Fantasti, Cloudia looks fab and I love Marjorie and Just Joey too!!!:-D

    Hope you manage to 'capture' more soon


  4. Yay, just gorgeous, love Cloudia and Just Joey is so nice and bright! (actually he look really happy! LOL)

  5. Loving all your heffalump photos Ali - keep them coming LOL!!!