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Friday, 5 July 2013

Henry and Lewis - Happy Second Birthday! - Two Year Update

I am so pleased I use this blog to jot down little notes during the month the things you have done and said over the past four weeks!  It is far too easy to forget all the amazing, but little things that happen so frequently.  I especially notice it now that I have started your "Project Life" scrapbooks where I am including my pregnancy journal and blog posts.  I very much feel the passing of time as we are so busy preparing to move to Australia and I am also trying to plan and organise your coming birthday party. 

9th June - Today we visited Grandma and Grandpa Jones.  The words that you said today Henry were "Computer" and Biscuit - clear as a bell!
10th June - Henry, today your word was "cuddle".  So cute that I gave you one straight away!

On Wednesday, 19th June, we went to toddler group at Maple Cross, like we try to do most weeks.  It was the hottest and sunniest day so far of the summer. 

There was a fire engine visiting, complete with five to six firemen.  They were very good at showing the children around the truck and where everything was stored.  Henry, you loved being behind the wheel in the huge cab and were into everything! 

You were pretending to phone on their radio, and were picking up their keys and all their personal effects.  You were trying to drive the truck, and were grabbing the wheel and making "brrrm brrrm" noises. 

Lewis, you weren't so sure, but were happy to get up into the cab if Henry was there.  It was a long way up and a huge vehicle at close range.   

Graeme, the volunteer at Maple Cross toddler group, always helps us out - he is a lovely friendly man and you are here with him in the back of the fire truck. 

The firemen were demonstrating pulling out the fire hoses and squirting the water out.  They were setting up in the park, but unfortunately got called away! 

Henry, when you see Daddy at the moment you say "Down, down" which means that you actually want him to pick you up and give you a cuddle! You play tug of war games with your cot sheet, so I have to put you in Lewis's cot whilst I remake your bed every morning.  It was so lovely to see Lewis greet Henry by giving him a kiss, and then doing Eskimo noses! 

Lately, if Henry has been upset about something, Lewis you will come up and stroke Henry's hair and pat him on the head.  It definitely is an "awww" moment!

Lewis, you are getting more and more sociable and coming out of your shell.  It makes me so happy to see this! However, if one of you is naughty (usually Henry) then Lewis will come along and be naughty too! I have stopped putting you on the wall at the same time, because then you think it is a big joke and huge fun. 

Daddy recently bought you a plastic football and Lewis, you especially love this and try to bounce it up and down like Daddy does.  You are an excellent thrower and are really accurate with your aim.  You also possess great skill with your cutlery and eat your porridge or cereal with skill and quickness.  Henry, you love to play with your food and your spoon is often upside down! You instinctively go to pick things up with your left hand and if Daddy puts things in your right, then you will switch it over straight away. 

Both your language skills are progressing and you seem to listen to your stories after lunch with great interest.  I confess here and now that I choose library books by the ones I want to read to you, and I am astonished at the imagination and skill of the authors and illustrators out there, and quite often want to keep these books because of their beauty or amusement value.  Some of my recent favourites have been "The Terrible Plop!" and "Eliza and the Moonchild". 

Henry, yesterday (3rd July) you said "pussy" and then "miaow" so I know you understand their connection.  I have no idea where you got "pussy" from, as I always say cat!

I am busy organising your party for next weekend, and it will be lovely to see some of our friends and relations in one place both to celebrate your birthdays and to say "adieu".  Hopefully, we will gets lots of lovely photos to put into your scrapbooks, so that one day you may even vaguely remember who these people were. 

Daddy and I bought you a Bosch toy work bench for your birthday and you both love to unscrew the nuts and bolts and pretend to use the screwdriver, just like Daddy does. 

We also bought you some Lego Duplo and despite having to pick up hundreds of pieces at the end of the day, I am never bothered when I see you happily playing together. 

We love you always and are so thrilled that  you seem to be growing and progressing well and are happy. 
Love always, Mummy. x


  1. Awww such a sweet post. Always amazes me how different siblings can be even though they have the same genetics and upbringing. Can't believe its been two years already!

  2. I love this post Ali :o) So great to note down all these little things. I was friends with one of twins at school and was always amazed by the differences between him and his brother.

  3. Too cute Ali! Little people are just the very best.

  4. What a lovely post, Ali. Hard to believe they're 2 already.

    I wish I'd been into scrapbooking when my boys were growing up because it would have been lovely to have kept a note of highlights as you have done. Too busy as usual!

    So good to see that Lewis is coming into his own more now.

    Twins are the best!

  5. Wow, I can't actually believe the boys are already 2! It seems like just the other day you were pregnant and downing strawberry milk! They are such cuties too. We got one of those work benches for our boys and it stayed popular for a few years so definitely a good buy :)

  6. Happy Birthday, lovely to see them growing up. x