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Friday, 5 August 2011

A Weighty matter ...

Firstly, yesterday we braved the inclement British summer weather! and met friends at Watford Costco - mostly to do some price comparisons in all things baby, like formula and nappies.  No major bargains or cost savings to be had, but nonetheless it was good to know that it is not worth the cost of membership - instead I need to keep an eagle eye on special offers from supermarkets.  Costco - please sort out some parent and child parking! 

Whilst sitting down to lunch, my friends and I saw a mother of tiny girl twins organising them to have passport photos taken.  I made a joke about match-making the pairs of twins.  When the mother came over and she said that her girls were seven weeks old, I then said that it couldn't possibly work with my two because they would be toy-boys!  The girls still seemed so tiny and Henry and Lewis both seemed so much bigger than the girls.  When the health visitor came today and weighed them, this theory was supported as Henry has put on a whole pound in one week, and Lewis gained 14oz, so pretty much neck-a-neck!  This means that Henry now weighs 8lbs 10oz, whilst Lewis is 8lbs even.  No wonder they are starting to feel quite heavy. 

I think it is also interesting to document my weight for posterity and as a potential way of managing it in the future.  Coming up to the IVF treatment, I lost a stone and a couple of pounds, and then gained the stone back in the first trimester.  I maintained the same weight up to 36 weeks, and then put on a stone of fluid in the last four weeks, when I was pretty much bedridden before delivery.  Since having the boys, I have lost three and a half stone - what that means is that I am now a stone and a half lighter than when I got pregnant.  I also don't think I have lost ALL the fluid either - so hopefully that is a positive sign for more weight loss, albeit it won't be significant.  Now - the question, especially with NOT breastfeeding, is - how do I maintain it?  :)

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  1. All the running around after the boys will keep it off, Ali. Not to mention lifting the boys for toning your arms :)

    Great weights for the boys :)