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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Week 7 - 8 milestones

You are both more alert and interested in your surroundings this week.  You have both been creeping off the mat on the floor when on your tummies.  Henry, you in particular have been swiping the mobile above the bouncer and have been hitting the toys with your feet.  Henry, you are getting noticeably stronger in your back, and are sitting steadily a bit more each day. 

The Dr was happy with both of you this week and Mummy got told by both the Community Nurse and the Dr that she was doing a good job, so that made me happy. 

Henry, this week, you weighed 10lb 13oz/4.90 kg - an increase of 11oz.  Lewis, you now weigh 10lb 6oz /4.72kg - an increase of 12oz!  The Community Nurse also said you have jumped from the 9th percentile to the 25th percentile - very good news indeed.  She also said that it was quite common for the smaller twin at birth to outgrow the larger one - so look out Henry - Lewis is catching up to you!

Both Grandma Jones and Daddy thought you were smiling earlier this week and now I am convinced of that too. 

We went to the town on Monday and ran some errands, and on Wednesday, we met some of the other NCT mums at Starbucks in Pinner.  Tomorrow we have plans to go out for lunch, so we are getting out and about quite a lot this week. 

Tonight whilst doing your weekly update, Lewis you were on your tummy, and Henry, you were on your back.  Lewis crept forward towards Henry, and started sucking Henry's toe!  Daddy thought it was hilarious. 

You wore your Pooh suits out to town on Monday.  You both look so adorable in them - people were stopping to admire you.  I had to make sure I took photos of you in them before you grew too big!  They were given to you by Amanda and Stuart Parry. 

I hope we will have more hot weather before the official end of summer, so that you can wear these suits again!  Thank goodness we only have one more pack of newborn nappies, because you are both almost too big for them too.  Before too long, we also will have to put you into 3 - 6 month clothes. Lewis, the Community Nurse told me you had moved from the 9th percentile, to the 25th percentile - that is how much you've grown. 

Henry, you were able to sit up for this photo, but Lewis, you kept slipping down - so these photos were the pick of the bunch. 

We can't wait until Daddy starts his paternity leave on Monday, so that we can all spend some more time together and let Mummy get more rest! 


  1. The boys look adorable in those suits. I love twins in matching outfits :)

  2. Aaaw such sweet photos, I love those outfits! Have fun when Paul starts his paternity leave! :)