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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

At Four Weeks old ...

today, we have already seen some massive changes in our boys, Henry and Lewis.  Whereas suits were too big, now they are becoming very quickly too small.  Unbelievable that tiny human beings can grow and change so rapidly. 

Weight - Henry
At birth on 06.07.11, Henry weighed 3010g/6lb 13 oz.  It is normal for babies to lose weight after birth, but when Henry dropped to 2720g/6lb on 11.07, the midwife expressed her concern.  From that day on, I had to really change strategies and then just tried to stuff the boys full with as much formula as possible.  Weight gain was then rapid - by 13.07, Henry was 2800g/6lb 3oz; 19.07 - 2940g/6lb 7oz, and then on 26.07, he weighed 3260g/7lb 2oz.  This last weight gain was the most astonishing - in three days - ie by 29th July, Henry had gained 220g/8oz to weigh in at 3480g/7lb 10oz!  He really does feel different to how he weighed at birth - and that is why I am so anxious to record details without going into minutiae - I find it difficult to remember from day to day what has happened. 

Weight - Lewis

At birth on 06.07.11, Lewis weighed 2520g/5lb 9 oz.  He then dropped to 2340g/5lbs 2 1/2 oz by 11.07.  When weighed two days later, he had gained 60g/1 1/2oz - or weighed 2400g/5lb 4oz.  In 6 days, Lewis seemed to make a major leap and go to 2620g/5lb 12 1/2oz - so he was the fastest to gain weight past the birth level.  Then on 26th July, Lewis was 2940g/6lb 7 1/2 oz.  The last day he was weighed, ie 29th July, he was up to 3230g/7lb 2oz.  So big, healthy boys, both of them.

So thus far, it seems to be that demand feeding is the routine that we are following - though I do try to feed them at the same time if possible.  I haven't yet mastered the art of tandem feeding, but I will have to rely increasingly on this technique once Mum goes home.  It's not so easy, but I did have beginner's luck the first time I tried after being shown how by the health visitor on the 23rd July. 

Photos were taken by Mum, who doesn't tend to worry about backgrounds, lighting etc - but I will still scrapbook them, I think! 

I don't think it has been so easy since!  The positioning is definitely the worst part - especially when dealing with such wrigglepots.  I suppose it can only get better from here!

And whilst I realise it is still too early, it really does seem as though Henry and Lewis DO look at me when I am feeding/cuddling or generally interacting with them.  I am currently trying to grab some space to read the baby development books to work out when they do what - but we will take it one step at a time!


  1. You should definetly scrap the photos. You look so happy! glad everythings going well for you all. :)

  2. Aww Ali you look positively glowing! I remember sitting feeding like that . . .lol and yes it will get easier as the weeks go by.

    Loving these updates