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Friday, 19 August 2011

Week 6-7 Milestones

This week, both of you managed to go longer than 3 hours during the day before the next feed - though sometimes you would wake up after an hour, screaming like you've been starved! 

On Sunday Henry, you turned over by yourself for the first time!  It was so exciting to see.  You were kicking strongly on your tummy (and kicking your brother too, I might add!) and turned up and onto your side.  The impetus of the movement took you onto your back!  I am not sure you liked it though as you immediately started crying.  You haven't managed to repeat this to date, but when on your tummy, you put your head way up into the air, and also your legs are bent up behind you, showing how strong you are. 

Lewis - you are more able to cope with the bottle on your own and one day I left you with it whilst I went into the kitchen to prepare a bottle for Henry.  You were still hanging on to it when I got back, so that is a real achievement also, I think!

Whilst Lewis is much more expressive, Henry you are also becoming much more aware of your surroundings and are looking about you a lot more.  Lewis, you will quite often stare in my direction, and have both hands on the side of your face with your hands clenched, looking like the end of the world is nigh!

On Thursday, Grandma Jones noticed that whilst you were both lying side by side on your mat, Lewis - you were sucking Henry's thumb!  Unfortunately I couldn't get to my camera quickly enough, but that made both of us laugh a lot. 

You were weighed earlier this week - on a Thursday instead of a usual Friday.  Today, Henry you weighed 4.6kg/10 lb 2oz - that represents an increase of 10 oz!  Lewis, you now weigh 4.36kg/9 lb 10oz - that is a 9 oz increase on last week.  Lewis, you are catching up to Henry slowly but surely - only 8oz behind now!  We shall have to see what happens in the future. 

The Community Nursery Nurse told me that Henry, you are in the 25th percentile - that means that of 100 babies of the same age, 75 would weigh more than you would - but that you are growing appropriately in accordance with that percentile.  Lewis, you are on the 9th percentile, and also developing appropriately.  That is interesting to know - as most other babies of your age would be heavier than both of you!  Both Mummy and Daddy think that you are already heavy and growing every day. 

Since late last week, you have grown out of your New Baby clothes, and things that fit you a couple of days ago are too small for you now.  I find it astonishing how quickly this all happens!


  1. I remember being really sad when Lauren grew out of her first outfit, and actually trying to squeeze her poor arms into it, before giving up and going on to next size clothes. Well done boys.

    LOL at Lewis borrowing his brother's thumb too.

  2. Awww, I just love the thumb sucking part! :)

  3. Oh, I forgot to say thanks for the birth announcement, I just adore that photo! :)