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Friday, 12 August 2011

Week 5 - 6 milestones

Lucy the Health Visitor was seriously impressed with both of you boys today.  Henry - you weighed 9lb 8oz/4.26kg, so in one week you have put on 14oz.  Lewis, you are rapidly catching up to Henry - you now weigh 9lb 1oz/4.12kg - so this past week you have put on 15 oz! 

She also asked me whether either of you have smiled yet - the answer is no - but we can detect that they're on their way, because both of you give windy expressions that look like the beginnings of a smile.

You both like tummy time on the colourful mat we bought from Mothercare with some gift vouchers we were given at the baby shower.  Henry, yesterday I put you next to Lewis, and then after about a minute, I saw that you were perpendicular to him!  Henry, you push yourself up by your arms, and raise your head up.  Both of you can also lift your legs into the air whilst on your tummy.  Daddy and I think that you are both pretty strong!

You both march your arms and legs into the air when you're not happy and throw your heads and upper bodies back when you're feeling active and nearly headbutt us. 

You both are pretty good at grasping our fingers or the bottle when feeding, and we've all noticed that you've started to put your hands to your mouths and begin sucking your fingers when you're hungry.  Another trick you've both managed this week is to pull my hair when it is not in a ponytail - so that is something for me to remember. 

Grandma Brierley and I cut your fingernails this week with the nail clippers for the first time - that was very scary, but necessary!  They were so sharp before hand - you would both scratch your faces and our necks when cuddling up with us. 

I took the following photo on Sunday, 14th August and I think it is pretty darn cute.  The suits are the first item of clothing that Daddy bought for you when I was in the hospital.  I asked him to go to Mothercare and buy some babygrows that covered your hands, as both of you would scratch your faces.  These are two of the three designs and are so bright and colourful!  Sadly, you have nearly grown out of them now, but we will make sure that they get passed onto a good home. 

Both of you focus on our faces when we're feeding you and we feel that you can definitely see us now. It also looks as if you are starting to be aware of each other especially when we put you so closely together on your mat.  It is all so exciting and interesting!


  1. what a cute photo! Yes I remember the hair pulling and head butting. Havent had long hair since I gave birth to Cameron. lol. And one time went into work with a black eye, was dissicuilt explaining to everyone my 2 month old son had done it!

  2. sleeping beauties :) Cool outfits, boys