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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Welcome to the world, Henry and Lewis

And ........... breathe.  It's been an awfully long time between posts, folks.  Something called a twin pregnancy just came up which needed dealing with - and our lovely result has arrived safely into the world.

The night before, I thought I would be really anxious, but I was actually fairly calm and chilled out - even managing to get some sleep before getting up very early to go to the hospital.  I even managed a little snooze in the hospital "bedroom" we were assigned before going into the delivery room. 

On Wednesday, 6th July 2011,  Henry Ian Drummond Jones was brought into the world at 11.21am weighing 6lb 13 oz, following very shortly by Lewis James Drummond Jones at 11.23 am at 5lb 9 oz.

Henry came into the world with a struggle as he was nestling safely under my ribs, and needed some persuasion with forceps to be removed from his snuggly warm home.  On departure, Paul reported that he grabbed the forceps from the consultant and proceeded to do battle!  She had to wrestle them off him saying as she went "hey I need them - give them back!" - way to go, Henry.

Here's Daddy with Lewis.


Paul was adamant that he wouldn't be looking at the "business end" but did keep putting his head above the screen to report progress.  Having a caesarean with a local anaesthetic is the weirdest feeling - it is like everything is happening in a parallel universe - you know it is going on, but you don't feel a thing.  I was aware of the tugging and pulling going on in my middle, but didn't feel any sensation whatsoever. 

Lewis was safely despatched at 11:23am and upon being put into the incubator to keep warm, announced his presence going forward by peeing on the male nurse looking after him! 

I recall saying to both of the boys "hello - I am your Mummy and this is your Daddy!"  I remember vaguely the sounds of a lot of counting - I thought it was surgical instruments, but my friend said it was the sound of the midwives counting the number of fingers and toes.  That is so endearing, it just makes me cry - all over again!

In the incubators - Henry on the bottom, Lewis on the top ...


Being that Henry was Twin 1 and because of his weight, I could establish from the 36 week scan that he was who I carried on my left side, and Lewis, Twin 2, was being carried through pregnancy on my right.  It amazes me that I can establish who was who "in utero" and it just feels right - Henry has had a bit of a struggle to get thus far into the world, whilst Lewis kicks, poos, wees and wriggles his way through situations with a cock-a-hoop attitude, thumbing his nose at the world, and amazing every one with his hypnotic eyes - so there.  Sir Henry, my brave son - leader of the breastfeeding struggle and defender of the forceps - and Sir Lewis - my courageous and confident son - dealing with the world in a braggacodio manner - you are my sun, my moon, my day, my night - my stars - my reason for existence.  I fell in love with you before I even met you, and that will never cease.  I know Daddy feels just the same.  Our lives will never be the same again and nor would I want them to.  I can't imagine life without you.


  1. Congratulations and welcome boys. xxx

  2. GAH! I am welling up AGAIN! rofl. It's all amazing, magical and quite marvellous, isn't it. Enjoy every sleep deprived moment. :D xx

  3. Just wonderful!!!!. Lots of love to you all, wish we still lived close enough to meet them. Love from me, Rachel and Molly. xxxx

  4. Gorgeous:-D can't wait to see more pics and maybe even a long drive to you for a cuddle;-)

    Well done and congrats to a wonderful woman, you have it all now xxx

  5. Congratulations Ali and welcome to your two little boys. Enjoy these early days.

  6. Aaawwww, big congratutions to you and hubby. And a big welcome to Henry & Lewis.

  7. Congratulations Ali and Paul - blogger is being a PITA at the moment so I can't see any pictures, but I am sure they are gorgeous.

    Karen xx

  8. Welcome to the world Henry & Lewis!!

    Ali I am so pleased for you and Paul, enjoy every moment of your precious sons and capture as many photo's as possible because they will grow at an extraordinary rate and be teenagers before you know it!

    Huge hugs for everyone,

  9. Congratulations Ali! So happy for you and I'm sure you're little ones will give you so much joy. My little one arrived a day before yours, and I'm struggling with just the one, so my thoughts are definitely with you and hope you're managing with two babes at once! *hugs*

  10. Found your blog via UKS, congratulations they are gorgeous. Your description of the c-section made me laugh as that is exactly how I described it to my friends. Good luck with the Breastfeeding, there is now a good amount of help and support if you need it. Will look forward to reading more from your blog.