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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Feeding Times...

have been amended since yesterday.  The midwife suggested we move from three hour to four hour feeds, which makes it much easier with two of them to manage!

Henry gets ravenous though, and can't wait the four hours.  It was very interesting today when I was home alone with them all day - both boys decided to have screaming fits at various times, so I had to walk away for a bit and let them scream.  My friend who phoned later in the day suggested I had locked them in a cupboard!  Not quite, but that is not to say I wasn't tempted, :lol:  ....

Leaving longer time between feeds seemed to have made the difference for Lewis.  Since yesterday, he has opened his mouth wider to let in the bottle and has fed better too - or indeed, it could be the occasional dose of Infacol I have remembered to give him!  Lewis is due to have 75 ml every 4 hours, whereas Henry should be having 90ml.

We received the Bounty photos today, and they are just adorable.  I will try to get one scanned in, but there are a few things on over the next couple of days, so I will see how I get on ....

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  1. *hugs* Ali. I'm right with you on the feeding issues! Can't wait to see more photos of the boys. :D