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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Thank you all so much

Dear Friends -

Just a short post today, to thank everyone who has sent cards or gifts for the boys.  We are quite overwhelmed by the volume of post which has been arriving - most especially from friends from NCT and the scrapbooking community, with all the fantastic handmade cards.  Naturally - mention of family should not be omitted - like these beautiful roses from my mother-in-law.  They have lasted and lasted which is just amazing. 

I have been barely able to keep up with it - indeed, it took me about four days to open the cards and only just now catch up with the gifts!  How lovely and generous of everyone.  I promise to personally acknowledge gifts - when I can catch a breath! 

Henry is feeding like a champion, but Lewis is more fractious - indeed, both are struggling to take the daily amount formula that they are supposed to take.  Lewis is furthest from the mark at this point, so we are trying everything we can for the boys to put on weight. 

We are aiming to get out of the house tomorrow to do some chores and go shopping - Mum will be dealing with the double buggy and driving - so it might be an adventure!  Wish us luck. 

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  1. Hope the first trip out went well! I remember going around stores with the double buggy, was an adventure! lol