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Monday, 25 July 2011

Models in the making ...

Paul and I received the package of Bounty photos on Friday.  They were taken on Saturday 9th July - our third and last day in hospital. 

We had tried getting photos on the second day, but whereas Lewis was really awake and showing off his big beautiful peepers, Henry was very sleepy and didn't want to cooperate!

On the last day, both boys had just been fed, and were evenly matched in terms of alertness - both ready to go to sleep again - which sounds bizarre for photos, but worked much better on this occasion. 

The following photo is our main one in the package, and for me, definitely has the "awwww" factor - just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 

Henry is on the left, and Lewis on the right.  It is not so obvious here that Henry was much bigger than his brother and I think this photo just emphasises their closeness. 

This next photo contains some personalisation (part of the package) and makes me smile! 

We call Henry our "Winston Churchill" - because he always has such a serious look on his face - like he is contemplating the dire consequences of world matters.  It is quite ironic though - because here Lewis looks like he is deep in thought - especially with that hand up to his chin.  Lewis always has his hands around his face, which is especially challenging at feeding time - you have to get through his hands to get to his mouth - not always easy!  Those Australians of a certain age will identify with my nickname for him - "Mr Squiggle" - which was a puppet who could never stay still, used to get quite agitated and jump up and down. 

Still trying to get the boys to four hourly feeds - but as they are struggling to go for two hours, it is quite challenging!  Fine whilst Mum is still here and always helping out, but may be much more problematic  when I need to cope on my own .... but that is a couple of weeks away, and not to be thought of for now.  Trying to grab some snippets of time to post here is proving difficult, but I will do the best I can ...


  1. Oh my goodness! Those photos are too adorable for words! I am grinning like an idiot looking at them! Both boys have long fingers - maybe musicians in the making?! They are seriously gorgeous Ali. :D xx

  2. Oh Ali what little beauties you have. Hope all is going well for you all. Take care :)

  3. They are just so gorgeous, thankyou for making the time to keep us all up to date with their progress and hope you are managing to grab some rest time for yourself.

    Karen xx

  4. They are beautiful Ali. It will be interesting when they really start to 'notice' one another. I laughed at the look of surprise on Tom and Max's faces that first time that happened:)

  5. OMGoodness be still my heart! That photo is just stunning, totally perfect just like it's little subjects! :) You should have a look at this ladies blog, it is one of my favourites as she writes amazingly and she had twins about 9 months ago and it has been so fun to see them grow!

  6. Wow!! i generally don't get broody looking at other peoples babes but these two... they melt my frozen heart!!
    Such delicious faces and soft skin, great pics and beautiful babes you have it all now
    And rightly so

  7. They are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, you must be so very proud :)

  8. Ali such wonderful photo's and yes the top one certainly does have the Awwwww factor.