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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Creating Cards

This first card used up some Poundland stickers my friend Tara donated to me.  I struggled to know what to do with them for a long time, because of their asymmetrical outline shape.  Then I decided that they needed to be used in a collage type fashion, with loads of texture and other elements.

Shame I won't allow myself to shop at Poundland anymore - cannot condone an organisation who supports child labour.  Bad company ethics, bad.  Tsk.  Not that I was a prolific shopper there, but they've still lost my business!

Stickles can only be a good addition!  I imagine this next card could be suitable for a man.  I used another one of my Asian images, and an alcohol ink background.  I also used some scrap lining from the paper lace, and coloured it in.  Along with some black butterfly trim, which I regretted buying at the time, until I started using it - then I loved it! 

Much the same sort of technique for this next card, but I cut some of the butterflies individually, and added some gemstones.  Most of the time I like bright happy colours, but I think the subdued tones work well here. 

A bit of a change of pace - these card blanks were made because I had some spare tall envelopes.  This scrap of purple and mustard paper fitted perfectly - it looks like a twilight night scene, I think.  Colours are very pretty, in any case. 

This next card is my least favourite - it is a bit "clunky".  Never mind!  I used an image that Linda sent me years ago.  Good to have used them up!

Finally, I call these next two rustic farmyard vintage.  Fanciful, or what?  More subdued colours, a bit faded, washed out some inking, buttons.  Seem evocative of times gone by.  This next card is the female version. 

The final version is male - fewer embellishments, more graphic in style.  A great use of scraps, but they do evoke that "make and mend" philosophy, I think!  Who knows what I will post about next time? 


  1. More super cards Ali.

    I didn't know that about Poundland using child labour - it is getting to be a real struggle to shop ethically these days as so many of the big companies are flawed in some way.

  2. All the cards are fab! Such a different mix of styles and colours. Great job.