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Monday, 2 August 2010

An Award!

Lynn, Gemma and Lisa all gave me the Versatile Blogger Award - thank you, ladies!  A very nice thought and appreciate you thinking of me.  I think it has been doing the rounds lately, so I won't pass it on further. 

But so as not to be a total party pooper, I will answer the questions - 7 things about you.  These will all be jaw-droppingly boring, but that's the way it goes! 

1.  I just read the Barack Obama book "Dreams from my Fathers".  Wow - so well written and poignant.  All that cultural mix in his background - if he can't make the US Presidency work for all communities, I can't visualise that anyone can. 

2.  I am a Capricorn, which means that I do tend to be serious.  But I love people who make me laugh - and I have a very silly sense of humour.  I think QI is fabulous, and him indoors and I can see an episode many times over and still laugh in the same places!

3.  From a person who loves rich and bright colours, all the walls in my house (actually, except for the kitchen and bathroom) are Natural Calico 3.  Cream, really.  Ok - let's get real - magnolia!  I have become a woman of magnolia! 

4.  My favourite scrappers are some names that go back-aways - like I do!  Maxine Hazebroek and Loretta Grayson from Aus (who probably don't scrap anymore) - Carole Janson is pretty fabulous, too - but her stuff is more cutesy.  I love the combination of artsyness and love of detail.  From the US - Elizabeth Karchner, CD Muckowsky and above all, and beyond anyone - Danielle Thompson.  I was so sad when she decided to give up scrapping!  Jennifer McGuire is such a fantastic crafter, too - so detailed, but clean and graphic.  Amazing - not like my style at all!

5.  Growing up in Australia, one of my favourite things to do was to drive around town at night in summer with all the windows down, and the music pumping - so reminiscent of my youth! (Lisa gave me the inspiration for that one!)

6.  I would love to go back and live there at the drop of a hat - I dream of space, roomy cupboards and a more relaxed lifestyle!  And above all - no adjourning neighbours.  My idea of bliss. 

7.  Umm - I have had many jobs over the years.  Some have been absolute nightmares.  I am actually rather lucky where I am now - I am fairly happy and feel that I am making a difference.  Not something that I feel free to talk about over the public airwaves, though! 

Hopefully, that will be of interest to someone, somewhere.  All for now, viewers.  Till next time. 

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  1. Thanks for crediting me for No.5 and I also agree with the QI comment, Fry is pure genius