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Friday, 2 September 2011

Week 8-9 milestones

It's been an eventful week!  On Saturday, you smiled directly at me Henry and it just made my heart melt.  I am not ashamed to say it made me shed a tear.  On Sunday, you smiled at me a lot more, and even started laughing and giggling too!  Grandma Jones saw that on Monday and it made her very happy as well. 

Lewis, you smiled at me whilst I was feeding you in the early hours of Monday morning.  Your smiles at me have been a lot more fleeting. Daddy loved it when you smiled and giggled at him on Tuesday evening - he was tickled pink to see you so happy.  Daddy seems to spot your smiles so much more than I do - I do hope to see a lot more of them soon!

We all went to the gym on Bank Holiday Monday and I was most disappointed when the pool was closed because of a pump failure.  However, you enjoyed looking at the different scenery and waited patiently in the bistro area whilst first Mummy and then Daddy went about their business.  In the afternoon, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Jones's house for a visit and a proper meal and you enjoyed spending time with them.  As I had likened Henry to Teddy Roosevelt and Lewis, Grandma and Grandpa called you Winston, we could have future politicians in the making!  Grandma put you both together on Grandpa's chair, and wrapped you in her fake ermine coat.  You both looked so snuggly and funny with your heads peeping out from the fur!  I couldn't resist taking a photo. 

Lewis, I have taken quite a few of you on your own looking like quite the little boy - and here you are! 

On Tuesday, our stock of newborn number "1" nappies ran out - which is just as well, as it's been a struggle fitting you both in them for the past week or so.  Lewis, there is a bit more room to breathe with you, but Henry - you're definitely past the 11lb/5 kilo mark now, which is the upper limit for the nappies.  Onto number 2's - no pun intended! - more signs that you're growing too fast for Mummy's liking.

We also moved you both to feeds of 150ml on Wednesday as we had been feeding you every two hours or less.  Talk about drinking us out of house and home!  Daddy also put up a cot bed for you both today and put the mobiles above the bed - bedtime will be so psychelic from now on! 

Overnight, you both went to 5:30 in the morning for your next feed.  I was so impressed and got a decent night's sleep for a change, apart from Daddy's snoring. 

Today is Friday, so we both took you to the baby clinic, where we got you weighed.  Henry, you now weigh 5.34kg/11lbs 12 oz - you put on nearly a pound again last week! Lewis, your growth was a bit slower this week - you put on 14 oz, so you now weigh 5.12kg/11lb 4 oz.  Wow! 


  1. You're doing a fab job keeping up with these milestones, you'll love looking back at these in a few years when the boys aren't babies any more.

  2. It makes all the difference once they start sleeping overnight. Love those outfits by the way, two very well dressed boys :)

  3. Those boys are gorgeous and growing so quick!!! it makes you forget who quickly babies grow after so long without one in the house! Glad they are so happy and contented too
    L x

  4. Hi Ali, just catching up on all your posts. It's fantastic to read how fast your boys are growing and developing! You've reminded me of things that I should be remembering too, but are taking for granted. Thanks! I really don't know how you cope with the both of them as I'm struggling with just one! PLUS you've been doing some scrapping too, which is beyond me for the time being! Keep up the great work!

  5. Goodness haven't they changed! They don't looks like new borns anymore and are coming on in leaps and bounds.