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Friday, 30 September 2011

12 week milestones

So much is happening, that it is hard to keep up with all your changes.  Lewis, it is amazing to watch you raise both legs into the air at the same time and then let them fall to the bottom of your moses basket or onto the ground - you're not called "little thumper" for nothing!  Since about 10 weeks, you have been smiling a lot more and it is so lovely to see.  Last Saturday, you had your first proper laugh at Daddy and he was really thrilled. 

At 11 weeks, you boys seemed to "see" each other and were checking each other out. 

Henry, you are happy and laughing a lot of the time, and it is naughty but it makes me laugh a lot when I see Daddy and you sticking your tongues out at each other.  I hope this is not a habit that will continue! 

You are both becoming more animated and a lot more alert.  Henry, you seem to focus a lot more on people's faces and respond directly to facial expressions. Lewis, you seem to respond more to items around you and enjoyed being on the bear mat and playing with the mobile.

Henry, you are cooing a lot more and spend a lot of time making cute little sounds.  With the really hot and very summery weather this week, you got a chance to spend a lot of time in your bouncers in the garden in your summer outfits.  These Pooh suits are one of my favourites and I am so pleased you got some wear out of them this beautiful week. 

Grandma Jones came with me today to the baby clinic to get you both weighed.  Henry, you weighed 13lb and 15oz - 1 oz off one stone!  And Lewis, you have nearly caught up with Henry at 13lb 12oz. 

You have both crept up to the 50th percentile on the growth charts, and the health visitors are very happy with your progress.  Mummy and Daddy both look forward to seeing what happens next!


  1. ...your Mummy forgot to mention that you both get more handsome by the day!

  2. Lovely photos Alison. reat to record their progress here too.

  3. The boys will love all these memories, Ali. I do like those outfits, will they be appearing on a LO soon? So cute :)