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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Texturising Cards

I love colour and texture in cards, and have a great fondness for sequins. 

I only had a small scrap of that Chatterbox paper left, but thought the colours were so attractive, I couldn't let it go to waste. 

I actually gave this card to my friend for her birthday some time ago.  I think the paper was Creative Imaginations, from memory.  Loads of added texture with flowers and I love using buttons!  The colours are so pretty - pastels, but not wishy washy. 

In the pack of cards I gave her, I made some suitable for men.  They're a bit more difficult, aren't they?  I just used various layers of paper to add some interest.  Plus a button and ribbon.  Very graphic, I think. 

Here's a card which I think looks a bit Japanese.  Not sure why - maybe it is the black, yellow and red?  I used up some handmade paper with a velvet texture and added more sequins and some stamping.  Very cheery and dramatic, I think.  Pleased with how this one turned out. 

I think that using different colour card blanks sometimes adds interest to what you're doing.  Here is a card blank that was donated to me by my friend, amongst a load of other odds and ends. 

I am using up the random flowers I have left, together with some of these collaged Asian images that I acquired very early on in my crafting days.  I like this card - it is quite serene in feel. 

For this pink pastel birthday card, I used up lots of scraps - that green frame, the pink paper lace, and the birthday strip at the bottom of the card.  I just don't get it when people say they throw away their scraps! 

I always find pink and green a soothing and restful colour combination.  Nothing soothing about this next card - black and pink in your face combo.  Someone bought me some packets of shredded paper some years ago - aargh!  I shall be here until kingdom come using them up.  The only way I've used them at all successfully is by embedding all the tiny shreds in glossy accents.  Who wants a card that sheds.  No, thought not.

That pink shredded paper does add a lot of texture, though - as does the peel off butterfly in the corner.  Lots of bright colour and contrast - hope my friend liked the variety and techniques.  And now - on with CJ entries! 


  1. Great selection of cards :)

  2. Some fab cards there Ali.

    I don't get it when people throw their scraps away, I find them so useful when you need to punch an odd flower or butterfly or just need a small piece for a card - I must have saved myself a small fortune over the years by keeping the scraps. Mind you I am now in danger of being over run by them so making a conscious effort to use them.

  3. Hi Ali

    look here!


  4. Ooh lovely cards Ali! Another one here who keeps every little scrap! :)

  5. Oh wow, what a fabby mix of cards Ali, each so different but all so lovely. I am pants with scraps

  6. Ali, there are some great ideas there, must confess to having a boxful of bits already that I have no clue what to do with...Thanks for the inspiration!