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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Green Park Elephants

Friday evening, 18th June. 

Here is #169, Nanook.  This beautiful elephant named Nanook was created by Martin Aveling.  Artist's Inspiration: "The impact of global warming connects the fate of species from the poles to the tropics. The shape of the sitting elephant was the inspiration for using the iconic image of a polar bear on the melting ice." This elephant is in aid of Fauna & Flora International.

This next elephant named The Vanishing Lotus #73 was created by Bruno Cepollina.  Artist's Inspiration: "Entitled "The Vanishing Lotus" my elephant is rooted in Asiatic influences, in particular, it's inspired by traditional Thai designs. Using oriental patterning as an inspiration, I draw a parallel between the lotus and the current menace the Asian Elephant is facing". This elephant was kindly sponsored by

This next elephant named Pik Bingko, #77 was created by Charlotte North and Fred Rigby.  Artists Inspiration: "The form of our elephant is inspired by the texture of Asian elephants. We have exaggerated this in order to play on the haptic senses.  This elephant was kindly sponsored by Jim Steele.

This elephant named Baarsfant no2, #174  was created by Menno Baars.  Artist's Inspiration: "I'm fascinated by the vulnerability of this tough animal, especially by its incapacity to resist against it. For the large elephant everything is uncertain." This elephant was kindly sponsored by

#63 elephant named In Your Trunk (Turn The Bass Up) was created by Ashwan.  Artist's Inspiration: "Urban graphics, Asian and European patterns, lyrical (acoustic) patterns".   This elephant was kindly sponsored by Bluewolf.

Looks like a work by Banksy!  Here's #102, Tattoo - Born to be Wild, created by Gary Hodges. 
Artist's Inspiration: "To add an element of surprise to my “celebration of wildlife”, I wanted the two sides of my elephant to have a very different feel to them, one side, bold and a little dark, and the other, lively and theatrical." This elephant is in aid of Born Free Foundation.

And finally for this evening, #112 - Tara, created by Mark Shand.  Artist's Inspiration: "Tara’ is the Asian elephant who enchanted the charismatic travel writer Mark Shand, and inspired him to help set up the charity, Elephant Family - the official charity of Elephant Parade worldwide. Tara, which means star in Hindi, is affectionately credited as the original founder of Elephant Family, so it was only fitting that she had an elephant designed in her name. Tara now lives happily at Kipling Camp, India, enjoying the affection and attention of many delighted guests each year. The excerpt that appears on the sculpture is from Mark’s award winning novel, Travels on my Elephant, which documented Mark’s journey across India with Tara. It describes the moment Mark fell in love with Tara; perhaps mirroring the feelings of many of the people when they see the elephants across London and inspiring them to join us in saving this incredible animal from extinction."

This elephant was kindly sponsored by Mark Shand, which seems very appropriate!  Goodnight, viewers.  More another day.


  1. More Fabulous Ele-friends! love them all, I am hard pressed to chose a favourite out of all the ones you've taken pics of! It doesn't help me chose when you are such a great photographer too!!


  2. Lots more, I love the last two, especially the blue one! :)

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing the layouts that you do with all these fabby photographs. Like Lisa I am hard pushed to choose a favourite as there have been some gorgeous ones and ones to suit every artistic taste but Cloudia was pretty special.