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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Green Park elefinale

This post will be very pic heavy, but let's see the rest of the Green Park ellies that were based there for the duration of the parade ....

#225, Mr William.  Artist's Inspiration: "Inspired by the designs of William Morris and the Oak tree, the national tree of England, I wanted my elephant to feel very British and decided to adapt this imagery in a modern and vibrant way, incorporating strong geometric patterns."

This beautiful elephant named Dazzlephant, #202  was created by Pochoir.  Artist's Inspiration: "Disruptive pattern camouflage - dazzle graffiti". 

You can see quite clearly on the gold side that Dazzlephant got a bit worn and weary from staying two months outdoors in a park.  Just as well they were having some TLC before being auctioned off. 

#11, Simply Silver, created by Thammakit Thamboon and sponsored by WhiteOaks.  Something lovely and pure about it's simplicity, I think. 

This beautiful elephant named Eko , #195 was created by Paul Kidby.  Artist's Inspiration: "The design for Eko is influenced by Indian patterns in a palette of blue and golds; a vine grows from the bottom of the trunk up and over the elephants back in a living canopy like an exotic blanket. Swinging amid the branches are orangutans to reflect the sponsor charity The Orangutan Foundation."  This elephant is in aid of the Orangutan Foundation.

This next elephant is #209, Harmony.  was created by Rebecca Campbell.  Her inspiration: "Underneath the leafy canopy of bamboo, elephants and tigers wander through. I painted this on behalf of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, they wanted to show elephants and tigers sharing the same environment." This elephant is in aid of WPSI and fetched £22,000 when auctioned. 

I really like this next one - #210, Harapan.  This beautiful elephant named Harapan (Sumatran for Hope) was created by Rebecca Sutherland and her inspiration:  "I was sadly inspired by the destruction of the Orangutan's natural habitat in Sumatra and Borneo. The species is now fewer than 6,700."  This elephant is in aid of Sumatran Orangutan Society.

I am not sure of this next elephant - #243, Hope of Freedom.  Created by Sculptor Suzie Marsh, with the casting done by Carter Technical.  Artist's Inspiration: "I have long admired the animal welfare work of AnimalsAsia Foundation and am delighted to be able to support the moon bears through my work. This sculpture is a chance to raise awareness for two iconic threatened species."  This elephant is in aid of Animals Asia Foundation.  It is certainly different from the others, at least. 

This beautiful elephant #17, named Gaj Mani was created by Yodsaran Chaidungkaew.  This elephant is in aid of Sanskara Development Trust and Jim Corbett Trust.

This next elephant is lovely - #25, named I Miss The Forest and created by Wongpeera Winyarat. This elephant is in aid of Elephant Nature Foundation.  Isn't she pretty?

Here's Russell, #109.  He was commissioned by Graeme le Saux, the football player. 

This beautiful elephant named Will Only Words Remain, #134 was created by Jon Hicks.  Artist's Inspiration: "This is a collaboration with International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) the work inspired by their 'Will only words remain' campaign which highlights how elephants are endangered through poaching".  This elephant is in aid of IFAW.

Not far to go now - #86, Polyphant - created by Daniel Chadwick.  Artist's Inspiration:  "I wanted to create a modern, tribal feel". 

Never Forget, #246, is next.  Created by Tom Hallifax, his inspiration: "Mehndi, tattoos, graffiti, targets".  This elephant is in aid of Save the Rhino.

Here's Tara, #112, created and sponsored by Mark Shand.  Artist's Inspiration: "Tara’ is the Asian elephant who enchanted the charismatic travel writer Mark Shand, and inspired him to help set up the charity, Elephant Family - the official charity of Elephant Parade worldwide. Tara, which means star in Hindi, is affectionately credited as the original founder of Elephant Family, so it was only fitting that she had an elephant designed in her name. Tara now lives happily at Kipling Camp, India, enjoying the affection and attention of many delighted guests each year. The excerpt that appears on the sculpture is from Mark’s award winning novel, Travels on my Elephant, which documented Mark’s journey across India with Tara. It describes the moment Mark fell in love with Tara; perhaps mirroring the feelings of many of the people when they see the elephants across London and inspiring them to join us in saving this incredible animal from extinction." 

And here's a great symbol of British culture - #44, Fish and Chips.  So funny!  This humourous elephant was created by Thammakit Thamboon.  This elephant was kindly sponsored by Lewis PR.

I was wending my weary way home, back to the tube station at Green Park, and here was #30 Vorsprung.  This beautiful elephant named Vorsprung was created by Storm Thorgerson and sponsored by Audi. 

Whew!  I am exhausted after all that - and that's just the editing!  Onto the big guns now - Westfield, and all the nelephants together at Royal Chelsea Hospital. 


  1. Wow, there are some gorgeous ellies there! I think my favourite one is Russell #109. The detail is amazing! I think I'm exhausted just having followed you all over London! Can't wait for the last (?) instalment!

  2. More delightful elephants - once again Ali thanks for being our eyes and bringing all these wonderful works of art to us.