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Friday, 31 January 2014

Birthday wishes and Handmade cards

I look forward to belatedly celebrating my 50th when we've had some good news and all the bad luck's been blown away.

However, despite some rather subdued celebrations, I wanted to acknowledge the beautiful handmade cards I received from friends in the UK, who had gone to some effort to make and then send on to me:

From Lisa - a beautiful bee card - it was obviously "buzzing" through the post, as Australian customs felt the need to open the envelope and examine it's beauty!

From Tara - lots of lovely colour and layers.  I treasure them both and miss you too.  xx


  1. Lovely cards. I'm hoping you can stop holding your breath soon xx

  2. Beautiful cards. Keeping everythign crossed things pick up soon love.

  3. hugs and love and so happy you like them too.... wonder why customs felt the need to open the card? Glad things are getting better and long may it continue
    L xx

  4. Congrats Love the cards especially the bees it fab