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Monday, 10 June 2013

Twenty Three month update

Tuesday, 7th May - Lewis, you are really interacting more now and do nearly all the actions to "Wind the Bobbin Up" and try to sing too.  It is so adorable!

Henry - you LOVE books - you always have.  Sometimes to quite deplorable consequences for the poor book!

12th May - Henry, you clearly said "bum" today which may not be a good thing!  Still, it was quite entertaining whilst you were on the table getting changed. 

13th May - Lewis, you have been shadow dancing and following the patterns from the sun around the room.  You are quite fascinated by your shadow and watch closely as it changes when you move around.  The series of photos in this update were taken today, when we visited Hodgemoor Wood in Chalfont St Giles to see the bluebells. 

You are both getting ever more interested in body parts and love to poke your fingers into belly buttons and other areas - Lewis, you seem obsessed on poking people in the eye.  Henry, you have been coming up and ruffling my hair, which is exactly what I do to you. 

15th May - Henry, today you blew off.  First, you said "ooooooohhh", then you said "bum!" This has been your favourite expression ever since, much to our amusement and embarassment.  I am now referring to your behind as your "bottom" and saying "oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!" whenever you say it.  "Ooooooh, bum!" was your favourite expression for about two weeks and whilst you do still say it, I heard you say "oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!" the other day.

20th May - Lewis, you were humming a new tune that I didn't recognise today.  Maybe the piano that we bought you might mould you into a musical genius!

Friday, 24th May - Today we had the viewers around (with their builder) who ended up buying the house today.  Weirdly enough, our house is for the elderly Asian couple who made an offer on the very second viewing! The family have visited the house a total of FIVE times in the run up to the final negotiation. An hour after the two daughters had left, they came back to negotiate in person without the agent. Your Daddy proved what an expert negotiator he is when he also sold them the curtains and the fairly new mower for £100!


Saturday, 25th May - It was quite sunny, though blustery and a bit chilly.  I added layers in the form of tank tops and caps, and let you play in the garden for a little while.  Lewis, you were just interested in playing with the gravel and the dirt.  I am sure quite a lot made it into your mouth without me noticing!  Henry, you were just interested in tearing about the garden. 

Sunday, 26th May - Daddy and I took you to visit Next and Boots in Watford.  They are virtually next door to one another, and it was the first time we took your out in your harnesses!  Lewis, you were generally pretty good except very uncertain when we rode the escalator up in Next.  Henry, you were continually straining to get out - and at one stage, Daddy took you outside where he sat on a bench.  You climbed up and sat next to him too!

Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May - I got up into the loft today and got down your pop up play tent.  I thought I bought a pop up tunnel, so I was a bit surprised when I opened it up!  You both loved playing in it, as one of your favourite games at the moment is hiding under the table and weaving in and out of the table and chair legs. 

Tuesday, 28th May - I gave you a metal spoon to eat with for the first time.  I also started to give you small toys whilst sitting in your high chairs, trying to get you a bit more used to sitting in the same spot for a longer time, in preparation for the long plane journey.  "Operation Aeroplane" had begun!

Your language is clearly your own, which you do share. 
"Atar!" means "All done" or finished, when you hand me back your plates. 
"La La!" means planes, helicopters or lights (or things in the sky). 
"Ra Ra!" means cars, buses or bikes. 

Henry, you will often point and say "doo! dooo!" which means "Henry wants to do it!"

Every day there is something new to discover.  I love to see you both growing in skill and confidence and getting taller each day!  Love always, Mummy.  xx


  1. What a cute pair of sons you have and those pics in the bluebells are so sweet and Oh what a pair of comedians too.. loving the Oh dears!

    Its so lovely to see you all growing together as a family as your boys get older and their characters interact with yours too.

    Much love
    Lisa xx

  2. Little people are just the best, aren't they? So looking forward to reading their progress in the future in their new surroundings. xx