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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Eighth Month Milestones - March 2012

Lewis, we have seen a great leap forward for you this month.  Just after seven months, your hand to eye coordination has really improved, along with your willingness to try new foods. Your first tooth  appeared on the first weekend in March when Daddy was looking after you both on his own. 

Henry, your third tooth also appeared this weekend.  By the end of March, you each have five teeth - both are through at the front and three at the bottom.


Henry - you have now mastered the art of crawling and are going forward on your hands and knees staying close to the ground.  Boys, you are both able to raise yourself right up on your hands at the front and we often see you watching TV like this!

Henry, you learnt to clap your hands on Friday 23rd March, and it was fantastic to see.  You are ever more adventurous and curious about the world around you, and watch us intently - especially when we are operating gadgets like remote controls, mobile phones or our computers.  You are very nearly standing on your own, though of course we need to hold your arms to prevent you from falling over!  You love to chew unusual things - nothing is safe - the lounge curtains, the bedroom curtains, or the shoelaces in our shoes!
Lewis, you are reaching out more for toys or other things that interest you, and now we also have to watch you around the gas pipe.  We are pleased you hold your own, especially when Henry swoops in to take away a toy or bottle from you.  Daddy and I have often watched you both engage in tug of war to win the control of a teething ring or favourite toy. However, this is often done in great spirits and often amuses you both!

Your hair has thickened up amazingly this month and you both now have fine heads of hair.

Grandma and Grandad came for a visit one day and tested the strength in your legs to stand up. 

You both love to bounce up and down whenever you get an opportunity. 

You both especially love to chat when you are having your nappies changed - for some reason, late at night seems to be your most vocal time.  We do hope that changes in the near future! 

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