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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Christmas Fayre

Someone commented that I seemed to be in production at the moment!  That is perfectly true, as it happens.  I have been asked to do a Christmas fayre at work, but never having done one before, I have no idea what will sell and what won't. 

To that end, I am making stuff that will otherwise be useful as presents from us!  I have decided to put together packs of cards to sell as I give these as a gift and they do seem to be well received.  People always use up cards they have and I don't think that will ever change. 

So I got to yesterday and put together this pack of 10 cards using left overs from Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter range.  I have always adored this range and really think you don't need to do much to produce a lovely card/paper gift. 

 Here I just added a DCVW self-adhesive ribbon, Doodlebug paper frill, a flower, and an MME embroidered brad.  I restocked my Craftwork Cards messages on QVC's craft day by buying 40 sheets of the messages!  Some are really naff, but I suppose that is bound to happen when you buy in quantity. I also prefer the black and white messages rather than the coloured ones so you are less restricted.  

What I also particularly love about this range is that it is very sophisticated, graphic and also unisex.  You could give almost any of these cards to either a man or woman and I am sure that they would be happy to receive them because of the beautiful paper design. 

To the card above I just added more Doodlebug paper frill, a Mrs Grossman's sticker border strip (I am determined to finish these up very soon!) and a felt flower from Making Memories, with a black card candy on top. 

Not sure about the one above - maybe a bit too severe but it's done now.  I had some white strips of Bazzill cardstock on my desk which I cut down with my Fiskar's scalloped scissors and then altered the colour with a Promarker.  I also bought a job lot of lace from Ebay about a year ago and it came with a thick edging on top.  I nipped that off and covered it with the red border strip. 

The special friend card above is probably my least favourite from the set.  It's a great way to use scraps, but doesn't work so well for me.  Still, it is perfectly acceptable in a pack, I think.  I am not so keen on the message either, but then I am very particular!

This next card is particularly suitable for a man, I think - it reminds me of being in a jungle/ or a rainforest! 

I am so pleased to have bought that Stampin' Up bird and branch punch - it is really versatile, and an elegant profile, I think.  I added a border strip and a sticker border edge for some extra interest - but I think the whole effect is very subtle, unlike some of the other cards!  I love these curvy messages too - there are some really nice sentiments in the pack which could be suitable for loads of occasions. 

You can't get more simple than the one above!  I really don't think it needs anything else. 

I just added a scrap piece of pink to add some softness and contrast to the card below, making it more feminine!  Here is where my circle and scalloped circle punches really come into their own. 

This next card is much more light hearted and flippant - I think it is the shape of the message and the colour in the card that does it!

Second to last one - you get the picture now!  I still think it is amazing how each card can change in flavour, mood and feel - even though you use much the same sorts of embellishments with the same range of paper. 

And finally!  A much lighter card in tone - and I really like it! 

Thanks for tuning in.  :)

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  1. Fab cards - one of my favourite ranges and I am down to just scraps now so maybe I should think about using them on cards too. I hope your fayre goes well for you.

    Karen x