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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Miscellaneous ...

Firstly - it's a gorgeous Saturday morning here, and I have jumped out of bed, with a long list in my head!  That rhymed, but it wasn't necessarily meant to  ...

I am going to be clearing LOADS of stuff today and putting bits on Ebay.  Free listing and all that!  So before I get on with it, a link to Scrapology, where you can win a fabulous haul of Christmas treasure!  You've got to see it to believe it!

I am a big fan of Jennifer McGuire - today, she put a link to a stunning canvas on Sherri Carroll's blog.  See it here!  That makes me want to go out and do a similar project immediately. 

I've been very busy in the background, beavering away on lots of upcoming projects.  Something will be going live Monday morning, so thank goodness Blogger can schedule that post! 

Happy weekend, cyberworld.  :)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link Ali, that canvas is gorgeous. I love her explanation too. It reminds me of a board for interior design yet it works so well.