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Friday, 16 April 2010

UKS Challenge

Well, it's something I do anyway, but in response to this UKS thread on how people use their scraps, I've made a few cards this week.  Sometimes my energy is a bit limited in the evening, so I tend to get up a bit earlier, and maybe make a card or two before leaving for work.

Here's something a bit different- I bought a Crafty Individuals People and Places 6 x 6 pack, which I shared with a friend.  They need to get used now, so with images that are that beautiful and detailed, the card really doesn't need much else.  The gold peel-off here looks fine in such a simple setting. 

See how many cards you can make from the leftovers of one sheet of 12 x 12 Basic Grey Skate Shoppe?  About time I boosted my stack of men's cards. 

That card in the middle was really made from dregs. About time I used up some of my eyelets!  Great for men's cards.  All very simple - but I do particularly like that one in the middle, considering the small scraps from which it was constructed!


  1. Fab cards you've really used your scraps to great effect. I love the mens ones.

  2. I have one of those CI packs too. The images look great here. I especially love the blue cards.