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Sunday, 28 February 2010


Wow - yes I was.  The first "Inspired" retreat ran at Crabwall Manor in Chester.  I won't comment on the non-scrapbooking element of the weekend, but there were classes by Emma Trout, Lida de Witte, Dina Wakley, Karen Burniston, and Lance Anderson.  Whilst I dipped in and out of the weekend according to energy levels, all of the classes were very different and incorporated a variety of products and techniques.  Lovely to go to bed and find small treats waiting! Great to catch up with some people that I haven't seen for ages, and brilliant to spend time with so many friendly and obliging people.  One or two sour notes of the weekend, but thanks to my fab friend Sue who looked after me through train transfers and stash storage - particularly for the lift to and fro the station, and to also sitting on my bulging overnight case!  Love to Lynn (I promise to get pics up asap!) and to new friends Lydia and Clare for their kindnesses and hysterical snippets of laughter throughout the classes!
I thought it was about time to get a decent photo of me, if that's possble, so I decided to book up for a photoshoot with Rachel Burgess - I think I will get 5 photos, but she took loads - from different angles, white or black background, head leaning on chair, etc .  Will share when they come!  :)
Photos of the event and hopefully finished projects to follow shortly ...

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