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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Friendship House

My friends have asked me a lot of questions about this project, which I did over two years ago for a Design Team assignment, and have just unearthed from the vaults of time. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the "before" but it was very different to this!

One day, when shopping in Oxfam (as you do) I came across this shabby and neglected house. It had red velvet lining and the wooden frame was very splintery and bashed about. I decided it had possibilities, and paid the princely sum of £1.99!

So - the hours of preparation began - sanding, painting and fixing. The most laborious part of the project was not only the painting, but also cutting the different patterned papers to size to ensure a good fit.

Papers are "All My Memories". Everything else was bits and pieces of stash collected over the years since I've started crafting.

I have a circle of very good crafty friends, all met through the early days of UK Scrappers (you can see some of their faces if you look closely!) We were getting together for a real life meet-up and doing a raffle for which we needed to bring prizes. The crop organiser ended up winning this house and she has it proudly displayed in her scrapping palace. Friendship, hey? It's the real deal.


  1. Fabulous house; I have to have one. *waving from the top floor*

  2. That is really gorgeous, lucky organiser I am sure she loves it!:) Love the sanding.