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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Henry - first day on medication 02.01.18

I document this largely for myself,  but also for my son ... if it helps others, then that is great too.

The family had our first paediatrician’s appointment on 29th December ... not impressed, but then I guess, i really don’t need to be if the treatment plan and strategies put in place actually work ...

  • The Paed was late for the appointment and kept us all waiting.  As it was a double appointment for both Henry and Lewis, then I felt sorry for the patients for the remainder of the day, as they would have been even more delayed. 
  • He clearly hadn’t read the paperwork I had laboured to compile.  A definite arrogance and indifference, I feel .... 
Still, at least he seemed to confirm Henry’s diagnosis of ADHD without issue .... there was no discussion about the Sensory Seeking Disorder which is just as difficult to manage.

With Lewis, there is a more arduous testing process for Autism, and I very much respect that if the eventual diagnosis means that it is managed more responsibly and treated with gravitas ....

So upon being paid and being worn out with Henry’s tumultuous behaviour, I made the decision to fill the prescription for Ritalin today.  I then decided that there was no better time for closely monitoring than school holidays, so I gave him his lunchtime dose of 1/2 Ritalin tablet at lunchtime.  

The Paed has prescribed 1 tablet in the morning, which does seem like a largish dose to me.  So we shall monitor Henry’s behaviour, in an attempt to observe changes.

All I can say is that at the moment, Henry is an extremely challenging 6 year old who is full of his own importance and is always right. He is argumentative and demanding, constantly seeking stimulus  who will do anything to get his own way. He is needy and like a whirlwind, having to be involved in everything, doesn’t hear ‘no’ and would spilt your eardrums at 1000 paces .... yet, get him at a good moment, is extremely affectionate, loving and can be very helpful. Doesn’t like loud noises, yet is the loudest hellion on two thin, wiry pins this side of the Equator.  

Day 1: no change.  Exhausting, constantly pushing boundaries, rude, cheeky with incessant energy until his battery runs out at lights out .... 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

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