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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lewis and Henry - 2 years and one month update

Dear Boys -

Saturday 6th July:-
The actual day of your 2nd birthday was a pretty low key affair, being that Daddy was working nights this week - so it was a highlight that we spoke to Grandma and Grandad Brierley in Brisbane on Skype, and then Grandma and Grandpa Jones came and visited us and played with you for over an hour. 

Monday, 8th July:-
A good friend, Gill Parry, came to visit us - now only to meet you for the first time, but to say goodbye.  You have both just woken up from your nap, so were uncharacteristically shy, and took a while to warm up! You eventually felt more at home so we were able to take some nice photos. 

10th July - Today being Wednesday, we went as normal to the Maple Cross Community Centre where the Rickmansworth Children's Centre host the toddler group. July has progressively gotten hotter and hotter as the month has passed, and we are now experiencing a heat wave.  All the activities were based outdoors in the field, and you were both in your element, running around in the sun, and getting drenched in the baby bath filled with blue gel. 

This morning, Henry - I was thrilled when you picked up a rubber duck - and said "duck!" Another word in your increasing repertoire. 

Lewis, you are responding more to direct requests - you are finally grasping that when I point to things, you should direct your attention to them.  This has taken a little while for you to understand. 

Saturday, 13th July - the day of your second birthday party dawned bright and hot, hot hot!  It has since been hotter, but it was 31 this day - we were very grateful that Tara and Ian brought their gazebo for the children to play in during the party. 

I was mostly in the kitchen, or buzzing around cleaning up, but each time I turned around, Henry - you usually had a cocktail sausage in one hand, and a mini quiche in the other! People tell me that Lewis, you were eating quite a lot too.  I do remember seeing you with a dollop of dip on the end of your nose!  I know you both enjoyed your cake, because your faces were smeared with blue icing. 

Friday, 19th July - my colleague and friend, Paul Cave, came for a visit and to wish us well.  He had great fun playing with you both, and I know he was delighted to see how much you had grown!  He saw you at 6 months when I took you for a visit to the office at Southall.

Henry, as each day progresses, you are picking up more and more words.  Saturday, 20th July - you now can say "chicken" even though it comes out more as having a heavy scouse accent. 

Wednesday, 24th July - Today was the day we exchanged contracts on the house - at nearly 4:00pm, after being on the market since 29th September.  Daddy and I were very happy on this day, as it meant we could book the flights to Australia and confirm that things were definitely on the move.  This was also the day Henry, that you put your little bear in the highchair after breakfast and tried to give him some water.  So adorable!

Thursday, 25th July - Henry, when you were in the bath, you stood up and tried to wash Daddy too by rubbing his arm with the washcloth. 

Friday, 26th July - Henry, when you run around with your hammer from your workbench, you point to it and say "am!".  In Operation Aeroplane, I give you puzzles to do whilst in your highchair - Lewis, you call puzzle "diddle".  AAaaawwww! This has now been adopted by Henry. 

Friday, 1st August - we took you to the dentist for the first time.  It all went quite well, considering.  You both sat on me in the dentist's chair, and Dr Adam Deitsch tried to take a look in your mouths.  At least there were no obvious holes, and that was a good thing. 

Sunday, 3rd August - We had a family day out to Beale Park - our first one.  We had only been in the park a matter of three minutes, at the most, when Henry, you decided to take a dip in the coy pond. It was terrifying, as you went in well above your head, but luckily Daddy was able to fish you out before too much time had passed. We went on a lovely train ride around the site which you boys loved, and you had lots of funs on various swings etc at lunch time.  We then went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a visit afterwards. 

At the entrance to the Park ...

On the seesaw ...

Lewis and the lion ...

My boys

You both walk down the stairs now, holding my hand.  It is how you are learning to count - each time we go up and down, there are 14 steps to count.  As the month has progressed, you are both starting to walk up the stairs rather than crawl.  This time next month, we will have left the UK and be in transit to a new adventure in Australia.  All change!

Love always
Mummy xxxx

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