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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Twenty Two month update

Every day, you are interacting more and more with each other - you set the giggles off in each other, and also the naughtiness! You are trying my patience frequently and becoming ever more acrobatic in terms of climbing, jumping on furniture and attempting to push the TV over!

Daddy has started this game called "Flying Baby" and you both absolutely love it.  The photos in this post were all taken 13.05.13.  You both adore playing with Daddy when he is at home. 

Henry in the air ....

Lewis at flight take off. 

Henry on the launching pad ... 

And over we go. 
Hovering up in the air ...

And full steam ahead. 

Lewis, whilst you are really good at flying! you are going through a weird phase of not eating proteins or home cooked meals.  It is very exasperating and frustrating. 

You both are much better with a spoon now and have been feeding yourselves after a fashion for quite a while.  You won't win any prizes for neatness but then that's what life is about!

23rd Apr - I have had a cold for a few days now, and was sneezing quite a lot.  You both thought it was so funny when I kept throwing my head back and emitting an enormous "aaaa-aaa-atchoo!" You do that quite often now and I think it is just so funny. 

29th Apr - Henry, you were hilarious today - you still think the things you see on TV can be touched and are alive.  You followed Upsy Daisy's bed with your hand around the TV and you think "In the Night Garden" is a great laugh.  The episode with Iggle Piggle and the tiddle was a scream!

One day, I changed the bed.  Finding the base sheet was threadbare and had a split in the middle, we went to throw it away.  Before we did that, however, Daddy had a little game with you and played ghosts in the sheet and made spooky noises "oooo oooo ooooooooohhhhh oooohhh".  Lewis, you took it all in your stride and were quite phlegmatic and loved it when Daddy covered you with the sheet too.  Henry, you didn't recognise Daddy and really didn't like it.

Lewis, you are presently Henry's shadow and follow him everywhere around the house. 

I got the ball pool out again yesterday (13th May) and I really wish I could capture on film the absolute joy and delight you both express when I tip all the balls out of the bag very slowly over your heads.  You really love to see all the bright colourful balls tip over you and the volume of giggles and happy screams was quite astonishing! 

I introduced eating with two spoons on 1st May after Roberta's recommendation, and it really did make sense as a precursor to eating with a knife and fork.  Sometimes it also gives you more ammunition to fling food around, but thankfully that is happening less frequently as time goes on.  I thank you and the carpet thanks you! 

Henry you also said "Old McDona" on this day. 

Daddy and I went into the garden on Friday, 5th May and Henry you were playing football in the garden with Daddy.  You also very clearly said "NO" on this day and I have been hearing it more frequently ever since!

Saturday, 4th May - Daddy likes to have a hiding place for sweeties and he regularly goes to these places to pull out little treats for you.  Today Daddy changed the hiding place and Lewis, when you went looking for "wee wee" Henry pulled you by the tank top from the old place to the new one!  I don't really approve, but Daddy thought it was so funny. 

Monday, 5th May - Henry - "Am" = Ham. 
Tuesday, 6th May - Lewis - "All gone!" As clear as a bell. 

I can't wait to see what you do next! 
With lots of love
Mummy x


  1. Nice to see how they have changed :)

  2. So very sweet to read these updates Ali - it gives such an insight into your family life. The boys really are coming on a-pace aren't they? xxx

  3. Such cute photos and clever boys finding the sweets! lol

  4. So lovely to see how they're growing up. You've sure got your hands full with them :)

  5. Great to keep a diary like this. I can remember a time when I thought the dining room carpet was better nourished than the children! Was very soon replaced with a wooden floor.
    Lynn x

  6. I don't always get a chance to comment as I have been shoulder surfing over Mr W's shoulder but I love to read the things your menfolk get up too...Such wonderful times and I so wish I'd blogged my children's lives too!!

    Much Love to all