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Monday, 22 April 2013

My twins at 21 months

A progress report!

It has been a little time since I have documented your progress - time has not been on our side, and circumstances have gotten in the way. 

You are both firmly rooted in toddlerhood and are keen to assert your independence, particularly when it comes to feeding yourself with a spoon. 

Your language skills have really progressed and you are speaking quite a few recognisable words - "banana, apple, Daddy, Mum".  Henry, yesterday you said "I love puppy" and Lewis you distinctly said "Makka Pakka" from "In the Night Garden".  Lewis, I love how "peekaboo" becomes "bubbaboo"! Cheese = "chee" and you are both now saying "yumm yummm"!

Henry, you love to help me to do chores, and you will pick up the dust pan and brush and sweep around the room. 

Henry, you are trying to dress yourself - particularly trying to put your socks on, and your coat.  You love to dress up, and play games like peekaboo with any scarfs, coats, or clothes within your grasp. 

Lewis, when you are called, you go into the corner of a room and lie face down with your hands covering your eyes, thinking we can't see you - it is so cute! You are going through a bit of a shy, more clingy phase - hopefully that will end soon.

Henry, you particularly love books and don't understand why you are not allowed to hold the library books that we have borrowed.  When you learn how to hold them and turn the pages without breaking the spines or ripping the pages, then I will trust you to flip through the pages on your own. 

You both get very easily frustrated when you don't get your own way immediately and are not above throwing yourselves on your backs!  I am having to wrestle you both sometimes and it is very tiring.

On a really positive note - Daddy remembered which song was playing on the radio when you were born - and it really couldn't have been more appropriate!  The song is "Only Yesterday" by the Carpenters - how amazingly fitting the lyrics are:

After long enough of being alone
Everyone must face their share of loneliness
In my own time nobody knew
The pain I was goin' through
And waitin' was all my heart could do

Hope was all I had until you came
Maybe you can't see how much you mean to me
You were the dawn breaking the night
The promise of morning light
Filing the world surrounding me

When I hold you

 (*) Baby, Baby
Feels like maybe things will be all right
Baby, Baby
Your love's made me
Free as a song singin' forever

(**) Only yesterday when I was sad
And I was lonely
You showed me the way to leave
The past and all it's tears behind me

Tomorrow may be even brighter than today
Since I threw my sadness away
Only Yesterday
Couldn't sum it up more perfectly than that, really!  Love you both always.  Mummy.  xxx


  1. Love these updates :) Though they're not helping with my broodieness lol

  2. Love the updates, Ali. We're not broody at all!
    Alun & Lisa x

  3. Love the pictures and what you've written about the boys. Precious memories x

  4. This is so lovely to read - I hope you keep this up so we can follow their progress from the other side of the world! Beautiful lyrics too x