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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mini Album Cover

How to scrapbook when you've got no time - do it in 5 minute bursts!  It took me longer to bring supplies up and down the stairs than it did to complete the cover ...

And how to make a dent in some of those American Crafts alphabets!

Not sure about those bright turquoise buttons - wish they were pale aqua like the self-adhesive ribbon.  Thanks so much to my friend Lisa for sending me that baby boy self-adhesive ribbon - it has come in very handy!

The credit card photo of the boys at 3 days old won't get damaged as it is thick plastic.  At last it has found a useful purpose.  I love it when I think of the perfect place for something - deep deep down, I think I must be really quite well organised ... lol!

The album is for my parents-in-law, and contains 6 x 6 photos of my 12 x 12 layouts of the boys.  Far quicker and easier to print out a layout and pop it in here and at least Grandma and Grandpa Jones are semi-up to date ...

Must make a mission to use up some more rub-on stash ... thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a fab idea to make copies of all your layouts - I am sure they will love the album xx Love how you have decorated the cover x

  2. What a great idea to photo your layouts for relatives. Love the cover x

  3. What a great idea, such a lovely idea to share and showcase your layouts

  4. aww so cute! i like the buttons :)