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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nine month milestones - April 2012

This month has sped by and has seen so many changes, it is quite astonishing. 

Lewis - you love to study things intently and examine things in minute detail - you love to feel the texture of the car seat and we often hear you scratching away on a drive.  You love to look at the flecks in the carpet and run your hands over various surfaces - you particularly love your elephant's tail and the satiny feel of the playmat.  Daddy and I say that you are examining the atomic particles!

Henry - you are motoring along now and we can't believe your ground speed.  You have developed a circuit whereby you will crawl between Mummy's sofa and the wall.  You especially love the icecream tub on the bottom of the change unit and get that out and smash your green alligator against the tub.  You then proceed to the doorway and have now learnt how the door works by swinging it back and forward and smashing it back against the sideboard.  Rubber stoppers need to be purchased forthwith!  You love to whack your hand on the kitchen floor and feel how hard the texture is.  We think you discovered this when you reached for the wine rack and smashed a bottle of white wine on the floor.  It was very fortunate that Daddy was standing right by so he could rescue you before you went for a swim in it, or worse - cut your hands on the broken glass.  Needless to say, the bottles no longer reside on the lower shelves of the wine rack!

You are both cutting more teeth, and now have four on the top.  This has been a hard time for you Lewis, as you have your hands always in your mouth and seem to be in pain some of the time.

Henry - you have now learned to wave as well as clap. We were notified of a potential modelling assignment for you for a milk formula company - they also wanted to include the parents. That is why we think you were not short-listed! I think you'll have better luck when they want you on your own. 

You both love to play "boo" and Henry, we have lovely games when you open and shut the door and peer around it, waiting for a reaction. You are increasingly interacting with each other now and it is delightful - except when Lewis is used as a climbing frame!
We can't wait to see what happens next ....

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