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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A recent photo ...

of my darling boys, taken on 18th November, when they were 19 weeks old.  How they've grown!  Lewis on the left, and Henry on the right, dressed in their bargain jammies, at 50p each.  We were staying at Grandma's, so I took advantage of a little holiday and did a bit of a photo shoot with the boys.  :) 

It shall be scrapped in due course, naturally ....


  1. Wow how time flies, they both look so grown up.

  2. Oh Ali you have two heart-breakers there! They are soooo handsome and soooo cute too. Beautiful photo. This Christmas is going to be very special for you with two new little men to spoil.

  3. So cute and boy are they growing.

    Karen x

  4. Oh my goodness, sooooo cute!!! I love the way there little faces have changed and they look different from eachother, you can see the little personalities in their faces :)

  5. Gorgeous boys Ali x good job the jammies are a bargain, I suspect those two are going to be growing and growing :)