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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SIPIDI April - Shepherd's Pie

Fiona Cullen, over at her blog Staring at the Sea, runs a monthly challenge to actually make reality what we pin on Pinterest, which she has called "See It, Pin It, Do It!" 

I quite often look up recipes on the internet, but not often on Pinterest - I don't know why. But in honour of Fiona's challenge, I have actively looked up a couple of recipes. I have been looking for things to cook which will appeal to both young children, and also my husband and I. 

This first one turned out quite well -

Shepherd's Pie.  Here was my inspiration photo. 

I really can't remember if I've ever cooked Shepherd's Pie before - I am sure I probably have.  Maybe I cooked it intuitively in the distant past, but I am not a natural cook, and I prefer to cook by recipes, to ensure that the end result will be relatively ok.  I nearly forgot to take a photo, but here was the end result (after two adult meals, two children's meals, and a lunch the next day):

I will cook the recipe again, but I will need to tweak it, to further develop the flavour.  One of the things I discovered in Woolworths was these disposable trays - no need to have to spend time to scrub out the dish afterwards - even better!


  1. Those trays look perfect for this type of meal x

  2. Looks very lovely - if you want to try something else on the shepherds pie theme then try this -

    A big favourite in our house - in fact I think Mr P might say it is his most favourite meal and my nieces and nephews love it - including the one who doesn't like baked beans and sits and picks every single one out LOL!!

  3. Looks like you did a great job. Not something I cook myself, so my Mum often makes it when she knows my boy will be staying for dinner. Thanks for joining in this month. I'll add you to the board now.